Signal Lilo MM with RR 1:3 (+ 50% per month)

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    Welcome to signal LiLo MM.
    I come from companies LILO CENTRE. This business founded in 2010 with the aim of investing in the stock market, shares. So far we bring significant profits for our clients. In 2012 we had access to the forex market and established a research team for this special market. After 4 years of research and application of the best money management can we born signal Lilo MM.

    1. The signal Lilo MM using Risk/Reward 1:1 to 1:3.
    2. The signal Lilo MM trading on H4 time frame.
    3. The signal Lilo MM using system analysis volume, price action, pinbar.
    4. The signal Lilo MM using trading lot on basis of money.

    Currently with the goal of 100% per month we are applying risk ratio of 5% per transaction, but do not worry it was safe. We will vote for the customers want to reduce the rate risk in the future.

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