My EUR/USD trading algos : 44% in 7 months (Real account)


Oct 28, 2018
Hello guys,
I am a full time trader working on the forex, and the future/options markets.
My trading giving me a lot of free time (I am not a heavy trader) and having computer science background, I spent the last couple of years modelling and coding 2 of the strategies I use to trade the EUR/USD pair.
Those 2 algorithms have been running 5x7 in one of my accounts for the last 7 months. The yearly return is in the 20-60 % range and I built them with the core idea to protect my capital, so very tight capital protection mechanisms are included in the code.
Basically my philosophy has always been "before winning try to not lose".
May you want to replicate their performance in your account, I've made my algos available to the public here
Official performance of the account can be seen on Myfxbook
Have a nice day.