1. Dan Baumeister

    Indicator for scalping ScalpingDotx

    According to my calculations, this indicator brings up to 1200% of profit if you trade according to its signals + the Moving indicator. If anyone can write a robot on it and share it on the forum, I will be very grateful!
  2. P

    Scalping with precision

    Hello, if you trading forex then join the scalping trader and get best trading signals with 80%+ accuracy and lot more reliable services to help your part time and full time trading. • Daily high accuracy forex signals depending on the market •scalping signals depending on market conditions •...
  3. Paul Hayes

    Professional Scalping Tool-set for cTrader

    The cTrader Advanced Forex Scalping Tools is part of the professional trading collection that allows you to quickly submit, close and manage orders with lightning speed. Total Risk Management with a click of the mouse. The user interface is clean and simple so you can make decisions at a glance...
  4. lauralisa

    Road to 100K my Tradingjournal

    Good morning guys, my Name is Janina and im from Austria. In this threat i want to show you my daily tradingjournal on my way to my first big Goal of 100K. - starting balance 764,92 USD - strategy: Price Action and market opening - actual days of trading: 20 days -...
  5. xerof

    Live trading - real time tips

    Where on the web can I find page with real time tips what to do at that particular time (buy or sell), I am interested in scalping.
  6. xerof

    scalping + rebate

    Where can I learn more about this strategy (books, links or any other resources will be much appreciated)? Thank you
  7. totom

    Scalping With RSI

    Hello respective forex traders, Today I'd like to share my simple scalping strategy using RSI. Unfortunately it isn't a perfect one that you could automate it and leave it to farm pips for you but you must wait 'till a time and you do it the manual way. Following is the main rule: Wait 'till...
  8. M

    Double my account every month

    Hey guys, i never saw a good and detailled scalping Vlog on youtube.That's why I'll start it now. It was my first week with this trading account, and i'm not a beginner. I started my trading career in 2008. This is the link from my actual livetrading last friday and there you can fisit my...
  9. F

    Does Your Broker Offer Fair Trading Rights?

    FXGROW PROMOTES FAIR TRADING RIGHTS FOR INVESTORS Do you know your rights? As an FxGrow Live Account holder you would have special rights that other traders do not. FxGrow provide all clients with the tools to maximize their ability to succeed in the world’s financial markets, all of which are...
  10. T

    Best Scalping EA Brokers

    hello all, I have a few pure scalping EAs and a couple that are mixed with other elements of trading, but rely on opening and closing of orders in a few seconds if needed. I've been running them for a while on a couple of "ecn" brokers but found out that they are not real ecn so have started...
  11. A

    Do you like Scalper strategy?

    I've been trying to master scalping because I think I can control risk better with this strategy. I've been running 3 Scalper accounts at Yadix, one manually and two accounts with EAs. The Yadix Scalper account gives me flexibility to trade Gold, Silver, Indices and Oil with 1:500 (FX...
  12. H

    Scalping Regulated Nadex 5 Minute Binary Options

    Nadex is available to "north american" clients, but of course, worldwide, Binary Options are a huge opportunity for traders who have precision analytics, over short term time horizons, as the specialized HyperScalper platform offers. Here is a video I made discussing Nadex's version of Binary...
  13. H

    LMAX and Dukascopy Precision Scalping

    Hi, For professional and well-funded traders, the HyperScalper platform is available. This includes software, training and support in a bundle long term contract, as this is not a "toy". With the inevitable "death" of Dealing Desks, and the rise of ECN's and Exchanges in Forex, new...
  14. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 842

    A new build of of MetaTrader 5 platform has been released by MetaQuotes yesterday. Build 842 offers some great news for scalpers and a lot of other interesting updates: Scalping Depth of Market window for a very comfortable market scalping. You can now set up multiple orders on nearby...
  15. P

    What is the best broker for scalping?

    So many brokers, I need some insight on which broker is best for scalping.
  16. Enivid

    Scalping Forex Strategy

    Discuss Scalping Forex Strategy here. Scalping Forex Strategy is a simple Forex trading strategy based on the high position density. You can ask any questions about this strategy here.