Do you like Scalper strategy?

Discussion in 'Trading Systems and Strategies' started by AhmFX22, May 4, 2015.

  1. AhmFX22

    AhmFX22 Newbie

    I've been trying to master scalping because I think I can control risk better with this strategy.

    I've been running 3 Scalper accounts at Yadix, one manually and two accounts with EAs.

    The Yadix Scalper account gives me flexibility to trade Gold, Silver, Indices and Oil with 1:500 (FX too), the core pricing is good and I have the freedom to trade unrestricted, with no limits or levels on stops, pending orders and can open and close orders in the same second (good for the EA).

    I am having issues with my trading when the impact of the news goes against me. Does anyone know of an indicator that can plug in to meta to warn me of upcoming medium/high impact news?

    I think I can master it!
  2. bablogfx

    bablogfx Confirmed HotForex Representative

    You can use economic calendar or indicator "NewsCal" from forexfactory
  3. kenx

    kenx Trader

    Scalping is not for me unfortunately. My views are: If the market ranges 80 pips a day, why should I target just 5 pips? The risk is not smaller because when the trade does go against you it is very difficult to pull out as most scalpers do not use stops.
  4. chief

    chief Confirmed Tickmill Representative

    any chosen trading method always based on trader's insight. and always match their own interest and personality. and there's nothing wrong with any trading method as long as it's given profit. average market daily may around 80-100 pips, but not all traders able to pinpoint to buy on low and sell on high. these when the scalper appears, try to gain some small pips from those 80 pips average, despite all the need of long term analysis, doesnt bother for any fundamental issue since their entry only last for minute :). and not all scalper doesnt use stop loss, I use 15 pips stop loss for current EA traded on my Tickmill ECN account, and most entry are last for minutes, and yet the risk are still around 9% (drawdown). scalper strategy not always all about taking fast profit with high risk, but trading condition should match and support for scalping method, and ECN environment are best condition to start.
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  5. Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson Trader

    Forex scalping is one of the most demanding trading styles. It needs everything to work quickly, precisely and according with the strictest rules, and where the money management plays a paramount role.
  6. Sarah12

    Sarah12 Newbie

    I agree with you,Scalpers employ strict technical trading strategies most at times utilizing short term support and resistance levels for entries.It demands a lot of screen observance and your ability to time accurately is very vital in scalping,I would say without an appropriate plan you cant Scalp,there are risks involved in every strategy including Scalping,hence you would have to look out for the risks you stand in Scalping and look for ways to limit those risks
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  7. Ulacan

    Ulacan Trader

    Scalping is a good trading strategy, and can give you a lot of profits if you do it well. The problem is that many people simply trade without getting all the relevant information, thinking that if it works for one trader then it would work for everyone. Some brokers also do not allow scalping
  8. 37riched

    37riched Trader

    Scalping is an easy way of making money fast in forex, but its risk is higher because of the strictness and the fact that most scalpers trade without using stop loss. If your broker's terms allows and you have no time to study charts for prolonged periods, then go for scalping if it works for you.
  9. Helloyees

    Helloyees Trader

    Any trading strategy that a given trader opts for is dependent on his personal insight and what works best for the trader. Normally, you are supposed to test a strategy and if you feel that scalping is your thing, then just go for it. Some brokers however, do not allow for scalping. If your broker does, go by the rules and you can win a lot within the shortest time possible.

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