1. P

    Need more information's about waka waka tool

    i download and use waka waka tool. I git 70USD profit in one week. Then next week all lost. Is it normal
  2. Mforexgirl

    MechForex Trading Robot

    MechForex Trading Robot is considered, ‘The money-making machine of 2022” as this robot has produced ground-breaking results on the trading market. All results can be verified on MyFxBook MechForex uses artificial intelligence to create a robust trading strategy for you which will see...
  3. Enivid

    Timed Order

    Discuss the Timed Order expert advisor here. This free MT4/MT5/cTrader EA provides a way to schedule a pending or market order to be sent to the trading server at a specific time. You can ask any questions about this MetaTrader/cTrader robot here.
  4. UncleNas

    WallStreet Forex Robots 2022 EDITION

    Do You Want to FINALLY CUT Your Losing Streak and Outperform 95% of the Forex Traders? CLICK BELOW LINK NOW !!! You can try it right now with NO RISK with our 60 Days, 100% Unconditional, Money Back Guarantee! Aren’t you sick of losing...
  5. Denyg

    Pip-Hunter Expert Advisor

    Pip-Hunter Expert Advisor Win Rate 93% Plus Title: Hunter_v9f Currency Pair: EUR/USD Timeframe: M5 Lots Size: Auto Compatibility: Only MT4
  6. Persant

    Question regarding to Expert Advisors (Robot/EA)

    Hello guys i have a couple of questions, I mean it seems that is an awesome EA but im not sure if the backtesting using the StrategyTester on MT4 is accurate or if you can trust 100% on it to use a live account, because it seems that is having a good performance but im not 100% sure What do you...
  7. T0nT0nTrader

    My EUR/USD trading algos : 44% in 7 months (Real account)

    Hello guys, I am a full time trader working on the forex, and the future/options markets. My trading giving me a lot of free time (I am not a heavy trader) and having computer science background, I spent the last couple of years modelling and coding 2 of the strategies I use to trade the EUR/USD...
  8. Paul Hayes

    Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator for cTrader

    The formula for FX RSI indicator takes two equations that are involved in solving the formula. The first component equation obtains the initial Relative Strength (RS) value, which is the ratio of the average UP closes to the average DOWN closes over 'N' periods represented by the following...
  9. Doan Ngoc

    A list of Free Forex Indicators and Robots that work fine!

    In Earn Forex, there are plenty of learning articles. Different guidelines, expert advises and free learning ebooks are there. But they can add something to that! Earn Forex can gather all the free forex trading softwares, EAs and Indicators together in one place. One separate section can be...
  10. jahid khan

    100% Profitable Forex Trading Robot I Guarantee

    Hi Everyone... This is Jahid. I work for 7 years for foreign exchange (FOREX) trading and I was a senior forex trader on my group. I can assure you that for a good deposit I will make 100% guaranteed profit minimum 20-200$ per day...if don’t believe give me a demo account with requirement...
  11. K

    Low risk, perfect as diversification of portfolio, average 20% per year, responsibly we make robots for financial markets. Robot for EURUSD: 1. Only one trade per day (we don't make turnover and don't take profit from it) 2. Sharpe ratio>3 3. Low risk, only 1% per trade or less 20 years experience in the financial business.
  12. F

    fxryder EA profitable robot

    Fx Ryder is a real profitable Expert Advisor, We count with more than 5 year of experience in forex market, the result of win and lost, became in the best new generation, automatic, strategic expert advisor. build it to obtain in short/long term profit with less drawdown. We constantly improved...
  13. AlexTop

    ABC Forex Robot

    ABC Forex Robot – Monthly + 95.24%. A 100% automatic system: you, absolutely, do not have to do anything! The full review of ABC Forex Robot coming soon. You can find out more about ABC Forex Robot by visiting website. Visit Website Now!
  14. L

    EA coding service

    Build your own robot lose no more sleep, and proof your system profitability through Backtests I'm a professional EA / indicator programmer. Projects that i have made includes: MACD cross bot Grid-based bot Averaging martingale bot Candle pattern recognition...
  15. AlexTop

    Forex Pips Hunter

    Forex Pips Hunter Robot: +$5,475 in just 6 weeks starting from a $1000 deposit! A new-era of intelligent robots. No more irrational trades or huge losses. It is that very robot that you can trust your account! Forex Pips Hunter: - UP to + 50% of the DEPOSIT GROWTH - Smart Trailing...
  16. L

    Build Your Own Custom EA for as low as 100$

    Build your own robot lose no more sleep, and proof your system profitability through Backtests I'm a professional EA / indicator programmer. Projects that i have made includes: MACD cross bot Grid-based bot Averaging martingale bot Candle pattern recognition...
  17. T

    [TradeGuru Signal] Over $5 M balance of LIVE accounts, are following this signal!

    What is ZuluTrade ? There was a time when trading was a headache. Not anymore! You don't have to study or monitor the market, because of signal provider are doing it for you. All you have to do is pick the TradeGuru Signal Provider, and ZuluTrade will quickly convert their advice into live...
  18. G

    [AUDUSD | EURUSD | M5 ] Kangaroo EA - Forex Expert Advisor/Trading Robot

    TulipFX’s vision of creating a reliable, steady and profitable EA for the retail market has born fruit KangarooEA runs 24/7 automatically, no intervention needed KnagarooEA runs two pairs: AUDUSD and EURUSD KangarooEA runs on most Metatrader4 platforms KangarooEA works best with...
  19. G

    EA1Malaysia 2011 Expert Advisor -

    New Forex Expert Advisor for the year 2011. Work on Micro, Mini, Standard and ECN Account. Protecting Profit Addon. Full Skype Support for Customer. Join Our Affiliate Marketing and Get 25% Commission on every sales. Get Your Copy Now! or Join Our Affiliate Program!
  20. M

    M4XM- $5000 turns $7,189.58 in 10 days

    Finally a Messiah with code name M4XM (MapDel4xMarshal) storms the Forex market on a rescue mission to safe all wounded Forex Accounts while banking 10%-1000% of all stolen $$$$$$ monthly. Over 792.32% profit already from Jan 2010-Mar 2010 with 85.43% Accuracy.