1. shanmugapradeep

    Why Trade Profits is too much different than Total Profits

    Hello, Platform : MT5 Broker : Dominion Markets Trade Profit : 2645 Total Profit : 317400 How this possible, It huge difference Trade Profit running at 2.6K USD but Total profit running at 317K USD. Not only this video but this channel all video have big difference between Trade Floating...
  2. Bulls Arena

    Most Profitable Chart Patterns

    Do you know that the majority of chart patterns have a win rate of less than 40%? – A major source of concern that many traders overlook, especially if you are new to trading. If you are looking for long-term profitable chart patterns that are simple and easy to trade, you have come to the...
  3. Enivid

    Trailing Stop on Profit EA

    Discuss Trailing Stop on Profit expert advisor here. This free MT4/MT5 EA provides an automated trailing stop tool based on the classic trailing stop method with the only difference being that it activates once the given profit value in points is reached. You can ask any questions about this...
  4. ForexIdentity

    Forex challenge starting with 4 EUR

    Hello traders and traders to be, In my trading journey I have motivated and helped traders to be part of the succes story of forex. One thing I noticed is the fear of not having enough money to start a forex business. With my youtube channel I will proof to all of you a few euro’s, usd's or...
  5. Persant

    Question regarding to Expert Advisors (Robot/EA)

    Hello guys i have a couple of questions, I mean it seems that is an awesome EA but im not sure if the backtesting using the StrategyTester on MT4 is accurate or if you can trust 100% on it to use a live account, because it seems that is having a good performance but im not 100% sure What do you...
  6. KimoMody

    I've found a good Expert Advisor

    In one of the Forex sites, I've found this attached expert... and I've tried it for more than one month...the results are great. So, I like to share it with you...and get your opinion, do i go live trading with this expert...thank you.
  7. hayseed

    which would you prefer.... double your profit or halve your losses....

    two people were discussing a certain signal provider the other day..... one was mildly for it and another strongly against it.... eventually the signal provider himself stepped in to remind everyone there was a minimum account size and a maximum lot size.... turns out the disappointed...
  8. fransisjon1234

    200$ deposit profit 78000$ only 4 weeks.

    i find this eas . please use my ib links . Newsfx auto trade FBS real live account
  9. AaronMax

    Find me for reliable broker

    Hi everyone, I can suggest some reliable broker, please feels free to pm me. Thanks a lot!!
  10. Rupert Mr EA

    Fibo Quantum Scalper System

    If you enjoy the thrill of making money QUICKLY and EASILY on the 1 Minute and 5 Minute time frames. I'd love to share with you the brand new software I've been using lately to make HUGE daily profits in very little time! It's rooted in the smart engineering of my hugely successful indicator...
  11. Mary Z


    GUYS. This i an exclusive XAUUSD signal from
  12. F Trading Software Programming provide technological solutions for a broad range of clients, from serious individual traders to institutional clients: systematic trading start-ups, asset managers and hedge funds. Program your EAs, indicators and scripts MQL4. Transform your MQL4 programs in MQL5 Program...
  13. F

    Following a Regulated Pro Forex Trader, Changed everything!

    Hi Everyone, I have been trading for the last couple of years. I started out in Binary Options before moving on to Forex. Like most retail traders I had good spells and bad spells, won money and lost money. I spent hours and hours testing strategies and indicators but eventually I realised...
  14. GainCraft

    GainCraft - new Featured Platform

    Hello dear Forex traders and forum members, Let me proudly announce - new trading platform GainCraft - for both, manual and automated trading. GainCraft - Alternative trading platform for Dukascopy™. Designed for automated trading and money management. It brings new unique profitable...
  15. DenTe

    Account with stable profit. Attract investors.

    Hello Readers! My name is Denis and I'm a PAMM - manager. I have been trading forex for 4 years and now moved to the PAMM - system. I have already accumulated number of investors with a total investment of about $525.000 I give an opportunity to develop myselves and to make my investors. I...
  16. A

    Calculation P/L by comments

    Calculation P/L by comments i am looking for any indicator or scripts for Calculation P/L for all orders which have the same comments If i have this opening orders Buy EURUSD : comment S1 Sell EURCAD : comment S1 Sell GBPUSD : comment S1 Buy EURUSD : comment S2 Sell EURCAD ...
  17. S

    Profitable EA for Forex Trader

    This is a nice Expert Adviser for Forex Traders... You can make profit easy by using this. This EA must be OFF in all high impact red news. Non Farm, FOMC etc etc... In the ranging market, its better. Need VPS for run this..
  18. AlexTop

    Forex Profit Supreme

    Forex Profit Supreme – This Forex Trading System Will Let You Monitor Each Currency Strenght Which Will Keep You Away From Sideways Market As Most Of The Trades End With Loss Due To Entries To Trendless Market.. THIS POWERFUL SYSTEM INCLUDES: - You Have Full Control – there is no...
  19. AlexTop

    Super Trend Profit

    Super Trend Profit: The best indicator ever developed for TREND. Win any trend large or small – no more losses! Super Trend Profit – With the newest Super Trend Profit Indicator technology you can now accurately predict every new trend before it even occurs! The indicator has a new...
  20. AlexTop

    Forex Profit Magic

    Forex Profit Magic – A winning Forex system that is profitable consistently! The full review of Forex Profit Magic coming soon. You can find out more about Forex Profit Magic by visiting website. Visit Website Now!