Following a Regulated Pro Forex Trader, Changed everything!

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May 11, 2017
Hi Everyone,

I have been trading for the last couple of years. I started out in Binary Options before moving on to Forex. Like most retail traders I had good spells and bad spells, won money and lost money. I spent hours and hours testing strategies and indicators but eventually I realised that I was no further forward in the end than I was at the beginning, I had become so consumed at looking for the best strategy that my results were never consistent.

So I decided to do some real research, not retail traders that google would throw up. So I started to speak to people on Investment forums and various Forex forums. I came to the conclusion that I was just part of a huge heard of traders all pretty much doing the same thing. Many of us completely lost chasing the illusive dream of making money.

In April 2016, I met a Business Analyst from Lloyds Banking Group and he directed me to look at the portfolio of a Floor Trader he worked with in London. Obviously, the accounts were huge compared to my meager balance, but it paved the way for my attempt to follow how a real pro was working in the Forex Market.

It wasn't a signal service, I literally paid to view the order book of trades that were placed direct from the trading floor. There wasn't a flashy website or pictures of young kids and sports cars! This was as close I as was ever going to get to the real thing! I imagined their trading floor to be like "Wolf on Wallstreet" but it was utterly boring in comparison!! However, I could see that this was an opportunity that I should not pass up on, and to at least give it a try.

On the 10/5/2016 I deposited 10K to my Account and began following the trades. At 1/5/2017 my balance was at 29K. An ROI of 190%, something that I would have never achieved if I had traded on my own or followed a retail trader!

I have attached my personal P/L to verify my Account statement. I'll continue to show the updates of the trades I'm following. I'm hoping to show everyone that sometimes you've got to dig a little deeper to find a way to success!

Thanks for reading



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