1. TomDominic

    About current price ...

    Helloo guys ,,,can someone help me here,,, Iam trying to monitor the current price movement of a candlestick but iam little pit confused .how can i show that movement .Help plzzz
  2. ridwan_007

    Help me to modify my code

    hello all ,, can u help me to modify my code ?... i wanna build strategy like this with Fxgen and the model is like this as u can see the model is not simple ... if the order reach Buyorder5...
  3. J

    Need Help with mql4 Lot size calculation function please

    Hello, I'm using this function in my EA to calculate the lot size position according to account balance percentage but the problem is that the calculation is not accurate specially in JPY pairs, For example if the loss must be 50 usd according to account balance percentage risk most of the...
  4. Johan1974NL

    Order Send 130 Error - What is Entry Value?

    Hello, I keep getting the error 130 and found this article about it. I would like to implement this code but is not clear to me what the entry value contains. if (Entry - Bid < StopLevel * _Point) Entry = Bid + StopLevel * _Point; if...
  5. B

    error 130 elimination

    I get sporadic 130s when using an MA as my stop loss value, so I want to write something that will check for all OrderModify() calls when I have a change in my take profit (or stop loss) values, like: retval = OrderModify( OrderTicket(), OrderOpenPrice(), Valid_SL(MyCalcSL,OrderType())...
  6. MRT

    Open candel EA + TS

    Hello Forum! I'm trying to code a very simple EA which opens a trade when the new / next candle occurs + TS . Part of the code is working as I want and new trades are opening fine but TS simply doesn't work. I was wondering if somebody would be so kind and help me fixing this code ...
  7. bmkinyua

    Assistance With RSS MQL4 EA

    I have an EA that would read RSS from investing(dot)com and dailyfx(dot)com RSS feed breaking news and would send me emails as the breaking news would break. It used to work fine but has since been reporting nothing new to report even if there is news (screenshot shows the message, it is not an...
  8. Jixo man

    Need favour understanding how to loop through candles - how cycles work in MQL4

    Good morning mql4 programers . Please I have read mql4 documentation on custom indicator and the use conditional operator: "for".... I understand that , we initialise the counter and if a condition is true a set of code is run. But I don't still don't understand. Please help.
  9. Jixo man

    Return operator

    Please brothers I need help. I know the return operator is used to terminate an operation. But what those " return (0) " means....
  10. Jixo man

    Mql4 programming.

    Is there any one that will like us to share knowledge on mql4 programming together. Sometime, two two heads are better than one. Hit up, let's take it from there.
  11. tung2232

    Please help me add Alerts to an Indicator

    Please help put alert for me on buy and sell signal
  12. DroidM

    FF calander integration in mt4

    Is it possible to integrate forex factory calander in an EA in MT4 ? If yes, how ?
  13. A

    Expert Advisor Shows Error!

    Greetings to all! Lately I've been trying to create an Expert Advisor for myself. However while coding for the same; I've been receiving errors which i have failed to understand and rectify as i lack expertise in the language .I've attached the screenshots for the same below.Although I...
  14. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 2450

    On May 22, a new update for MetaTrader 5 trading platform has been released my MetaQuotes - Build 2450. It offers major changes and complete lack of support of 32-bit operating systems. The list of changes includes the following: This update and all next MT5 builds will only work in 64-bit...
  15. L

    DT ZigZag Lauer MT4 to MT5 Conversion

    hello guys i have a mt4 indicator that i use alot, i would like to convert it to mt5 .thank you in advance.
  16. W

    small problem with computing daily movement (divide problem)

    Hi folks, I have a small but really frustrating problem with dividing. The Indi has many-many arrays and works well, but now I wanted to change the base of the arrays. The old one was the RSI, now i want to change into Daily % change ( or candle, because I want to see it on every TF). So, I...
  17. DanielMT4

    MQL4 development - EAs / Indicators / Scripts

    Hello! Highly experienced MT4 programmer & Forex trader 10 years of Coding, a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, and full time Freelancing makes me the perfect programmer for your MT4 EAs, Indicators, and Scripts. If you want professional programmer who can deliver thoroughly tested codes...
  18. A

    Nice Autofibonacci out of houndreds

    Hello Everyone! well i spent long time to find out nice autofibonacci out of houndreds.I finally found 1 indicator that has much accurecy when it draws very fast and sensetive. The thing is the lines of fibonacci looks little messy after using it with RN and more horizantal levels in charts. so...
  19. SwitchTrader

    ATR Levels Indicator Daily to Weekly Opening

    Hi All, I have this ATR indicator originally compiled by Bill Jones. What I am trying to do is to get it to open at 00:00 Hours every Sunday which is market open for me. As those in the know will see it's opening daily just now. I have managed to get the ATR changed from Daily to Weekly but as...
  20. JimmyJay

    How to create a loop for an MT4 indicator

    Hi guys, I have an indicator that exports historical price data to csv files. I'm not much of a coder and am having trouble with this. What I'd really, really appreciate it would be if someone would be able to help where and how to put a loop in the indicator, details are as follows: 1. The...