Guppy with alerts


Jan 26, 2020
Bexley, UK
I tried to compile the code below with MT4 but gave some errors.
Could anyone please help to debug and make it to work on MT4.
The purpose of the code is to give alerts when the moving averages constrict.


//Adapted from version created By ChrisMoody on 8/10/2014
//Daryl Guppy EMA's
study(title="Guppy w/Alerts", shorttitle="Guppy w/Alerts", overlay=true)
src = close,
len1 = input(3, minval=1, title="Fast EMA 1")
len2 = input(5, minval=1, title="Fast EMA 2")
len3 = input(8, minval=1, title="Fast EMA 3")
len4 = input(10, minval=1, title="Fast EMA 4")
len5 = input(12, minval=1, title="Fast EMA 5")
len6 = input(15, minval=1, title="Fast EMA 6")
//Slow EMA
len7 = input(30, minval=1, title="Slow EMA 7")
len8 = input(35, minval=1, title="Slow EMA 8")
len9 = input(40, minval=1, title="Slow EMA 9")
len10 = input(45, minval=1, title="Slow EMA 10")
len11 = input(50, minval=1, title="Slow EMA 11")
len12 = input(60, minval=1, title="Slow EMA 12")
//Fast EMA
ema1 = ema(src, len1)
ema2 = ema(src, len2)
ema3 = ema(src, len3)
ema4 = ema(src, len4)
ema5 = ema(src, len5)
ema6 = ema(src, len6)
//Slow EMA
ema7 = ema(src, len7)
ema8 = ema(src, len8)
ema9 = ema(src, len9)
ema10 = ema(src, len10)
ema11 = ema(src, len11)
ema12 = ema(src, len12)

//Fast EMA Color Rules
colfastL = (ema1 > ema2 and ema2 > ema3 and ema3 > ema4 and ema4 > ema5 and ema5 > ema6)
colfastS = (ema1 < ema2 and ema2 < ema3 and ema3 < ema4 and ema4 < ema5 and ema5 < ema6)
//Slow EMA Color Rules
colslowL = ema7 > ema8 and ema8 > ema9 and ema9 > ema10 and ema10 > ema11 and ema11 > ema12
colslowS = ema7 < ema8 and ema8 < ema9 and ema9 < ema10 and ema10 < ema11 and ema11 < ema12

doubleL = colfastL and colslowL
doubleS = colfastS and colslowS

//Fast EMA Final Color Rules
colFinal = doubleL ? aqua : doubleS ? orange : colfastL ? green : gray
//Slow EMA Final Color Rules
colFinal2 = colslowL  ? lime : colslowS ? red : gray
//Fast EMA Plots
p1=plot(ema1, title="Fast EMA 1", style=line, linewidth=2, color=colFinal)
plot(ema2, title="Fast EMA 2", style=line, linewidth=1, color=colFinal)
plot(ema3, title="Fast EMA 3", style=line, linewidth=1, color=colFinal)
plot(ema4, title="Fast EMA 4", style=line, linewidth=1, color=colFinal)
plot(ema5, title="Fast EMA 5", style=line, linewidth=1, color=colFinal)
p2=plot(ema6, title="Fast EMA 6", style=line, linewidth=2, color=colFinal)
fill(p1,p2,color=colFinal, transp=60)
//Slow EMA Plots
p3=plot(ema7, title="Slow EMA 7", style=line, linewidth=4, color=colFinal2)
plot(ema8, title="Slow EMA 8", style=line, linewidth=3, color=colFinal2)
plot(ema9, title="Slow EMA 9", style=line, linewidth=3, color=colFinal2)
plot(ema10, title="Slow EMA 10", style=line, linewidth=3, color=colFinal2)
plot(ema11, title="Slow EMA 11", style=line, linewidth=3, color=colFinal2)
p4=plot(ema12, title="Slow EMA 12", style=line, linewidth=4, color=colFinal2)
fill(p3,p4, color=colFinal2, transp=60)

fast_L_start    = not colfastL[1] and colfastL
fast_L_end      = colfastL[1] and not colfastL
fast_S_start    = not colfastS[1] and colfastS
fast_S_end      = colfastS[1] and not colfastS
slow_L_start    = not doubleL[1] and doubleL
slow_L_end      = doubleL[1] and not doubleL
slow_S_start    = not doubleS[1] and doubleS
slow_S_end      = doubleS[1] and not doubleS

fast_trend_switch = fast_L_start or fast_L_end or fast_S_start or fast_S_end
slow_trend_switch = slow_L_start or slow_L_end or slow_S_start or slow_S_end

alertcondition(fast_trend_switch, 'Fast Trend Switch', 'Fast trend switched')
alertcondition(slow_trend_switch, 'Slow Trend Switch', 'Slow trend switched')
alertcondition(fast_trend_switch or slow_trend_switch, 'Trend Switch', 'Trend Switch')
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Jan 26, 2020
Bexley, UK
Thanks so much for your response, I didn’t know it would require much efforts to align it with MT4.
But thanks for your candid advice, however if there is anyone who could do it, I will not mind paying.