1. Enivid

    MACD with Alert

    Discuss MACD with Alert indicator (a classic but customizable MACD with two types of alerts) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this free MetaTrader indicator here.
  2. Enivid

    MACD Multi-Timeframe

    Discuss MACD Multi-Timeframe (an MTF panel indicator with alerts to work with multiple timeframes) for MT4 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  3. kris82wt

    MACDPredicter - Indicator mod - help needed

    Hi guys, I need your help with the indicator. On some broker platforms it works fine, but on some gives different results. I don't know if it's because different time zone, or something else (I don't refer to difference with trading weekends for crypto). I will be very greatful if somebody...
  4. JoshetRtg

    Script for semi-automated trading (Indicator actually)

    Hi, I have been fan of this site since I began trading, I now have developed an strategy, ready to forward test after lot of backrest, but I want someone to help me with a script for MT4, or maybe a guide, tutorial about how to do it, cause I couldn't find how to do it, it's a complex one, I...
  5. forex4earn

    forex holy grail secret strategy

    I’m forex trader and software developer. 10 years forex experience. Use lot of system and indicator but results got loss. I had lost my money and confidence. Then make my secret strategy use 9-10 indicator to make strategy got good results last 5 years. Last year I updated my secret strategy...
  6. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #S-AMD : 2019-07-18

    Getting ready for AMD earnings report AMD stock has breached below support. Will the AMD price continue declining? The Advanced Micro Devices is to report Q2 earnings on July 24. In May the U.S. Department of Energy announced that AMD and Cray (NASDAQ:CRAY) had been awarded a $600 million...
  7. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis USDJPY : 2019-07-08

    Bank of Japan does not rule out further rate cuts Masayoshi Amamiya, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan, said that his department could further reduce the negative rate if it is needed to stimulate the economy. Will the USDJPY quotations grow? Such a move indicates the weakening of the yen...
  8. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis AU200 : 2019-07-05

    Improving trade surplus bullish for AU200 Trade surplus and retail sales rose in Australia. Will the AU200 stock index continue advancing? Recent economic data from Australia were positive: Australia's retail sales rose in May and trade surplus hit record high. Retail sales rose by 0.1% in May...
  9. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis USDCNH : 2019-02-14

    The Chinese yuan can react to results of trade negotiations and statistics The tough position of US President Donald Trump on reducing the trade deficit with China may have a negative impact on the yuan exchange rate. Will the USDCNH rise? Such dynamics indicate the weakening of the Chinese...
  10. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis NIKKEI : 2018-12-20

    Widening trade deficit bearish for NIKKEI Japanese exports slowed in November. Will the NIKKEI continue declining? Japanese economic data were weak on balance after disappointing Q3 GDP a month ago. The balance of trade turned negative in October, consumer confidence slipped in November, and...
  11. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-LHOG : 2018-12-13

    Lower pig supply bullish for LHOG Spread of African swine fever in China negatively affects supply of pigs in the world’s largest pork consumption market. Will the LHOG continue gaining? Still new cases of African swine fever (ASF) outbreak are being reported in China after the first case in...
  12. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-SUGAR : 2018-12-10

    Demand for biofuels may increase in Brazil A major ethanol producer in Brazil forecasts an increase in the proportion of sugarcane intended for biofuel production. Will sugar prices rise? The COFCO believes that world sugar prices will depend on the cost of fuel in Brazil. According to its...
  13. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis HK50 : 2018-12-07

    Negative Hong Kong data bearish for HK50 Activities in Hong Kong’s private sector continued to slow in November. Will the HK50 continue declining? Latest Hong Kong economic data were negative: private sector activity slowed still more in November. Nikkei Hong Kong PMI dropped to 47.1 in...
  14. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis EURUSD : 2018-12-06

    Better than expected data support EURUSD Euro-zone producer prices and sales rose more than expected in October. Will the EURUSD recovery continue? Recent euro-zone economic data were better than expected: retail sales and producer prices rose more than expected in October. Retail sales rose...
  15. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-RICE : 2018-12-04

    Global rice shortage is expected The British company Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has published another review of the global rice market. Will Rice price continue to rise? According to forecasts of the EIU, the global rice consumption in the 2018/19 agricultural season will increase by...
  16. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-SOYB : 2018-12-03

    The US and China can remove part of the mutual restrictions in foreign trade The leaders of the United States and China will negotiate at the G20 summit. Among other things, they will discuss issues of US soybean imports to China. Will SOYB prices rise? In April of the current year, China...
  17. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis AUDCHF : 2018-11-30

    Weaker Swiss data bullish for AUDCHF Switzerland’s economy slowed more than expected in the third quarter. Will the AUDCHF climb continue? The Reserve Bank of Australia left the interest rate at 1.5% and revised up a little its forecasts for economic growth in 2018 and 2019 at its November 6...
  18. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis #C-COFFEE : 2018-11-29

    Colombia higher crop bearish for coffee prices Colombia coffee production rose in October while Uganda’s exports fell. Will coffee prices continue declining? Uganda’s coffee exports fell 8.1% in October 2018, the first month of the new 2018/19 season, over the same month last year to 350,743...
  19. IFC Markets

    Technical Analysis &SumOIL/GAS : 2018-11-28

    OPEC and non-OPEC producers discuss the possible reduction in oil production In this review, we suggest considering the personal composite instrument (PCI) &SumOIL/GAS. It reflects the price dynamics of the portfolio of futures on oil of two brands – Brent and WTI against futures on natural...
  20. IFC Markets

    Hong Kong’s index rises in anticipation of the meeting of leaders of the USA and China

    Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index increases on the eve of the G20 summit. Will the HK50 continue to rise? The G20 summit will be held in Argentina from November 30 to December 1, 2018. It is expected that during the meeting, US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping will talk about...