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    Free Bird Forex Signal (Profitable system that wins)

    I have been trading Forex successfully for the last few years, so I thought I would like to start a new thread to reveal and share some of my trades. Just so you know, my primary interest for doing this is to start a dialogue with others that share my passion. Also, this will be great...
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    Current GBP Trading Plans

    GBP/JPY – strong uptrend building, set buy alarm at 133.80 GBP/USD – D1 timeframe intermediate uptrend is forming set buy alarm at 1.6320, first resistance around 1.6400 but overall potential as high as to 1.6740 EUR/GBP – intermediate D1 timeframe downtrend in place, set sell alarm at...
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    Current USD Trading Plans

    USD/JPY – We think the D1 timeframe could build a new trend with good upside potential to past 85.00, for timing check after the USD news EUR/USD - strong intermediate downtrend, set sell alarm at 1.4180, some spikes of support below there but next real support is 1.4000 and it could likely...
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    Current NZD Trading Plans

    The NZD exotics look ready to move on NZD weakness. AUD/NZD – new intermediate D1 uptrend, set buy alarm at 1.3570, some layers of resistance above there but it should move ahead GBP/NZD – new D1 timeframe uptrend trying to form, set buy alarm at 2.0760, substantial upside potential...
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    Current USD Trading Plans

    On an overall basis the USD looks weak. USD/CAD – strong downtrend in place set sell alarm at 0.9570 (estimate) no near term support EUR/USD – set buy alarm at 1.4345 strong uptrend in place AUD/USD – set buy alarm at 1.0500 strong uptrend in place, no resistance past there You can...
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    Intraday Signals for Free

    Hello traders, i found this website with a lot of tools and they give free trading signals for intraday positions.
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    Reliable Forex Signals

    The FX Charts presents a reliable service in forex trading, help and advices for everyone, exact values to follow, certified strategies and REAL proofs of performance! Kindly check us here and here and come back to leave your impression...
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    SPECIAL OFFER - automated trading signals

    We deliver our forex trade signals instantly via a trade copier software EA that is installed on client MT4 trading platforms. No more missed executions, no more email or SMS. No confusion. With our software installed on your platform - our performance is your performance. Our performance is...
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    Eur/USD signals

    It's a mixed day for the pair and also have some important news releases slated for the day. Watch out and proceed with caution. Buy on a dip to the 1.3620 level for 80 pips. Sell from a pullback around 1.3730 (aggressive) or 1.3790 for 60-80 pips. You can set a SL of 40 in all cases...
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    Neural Nets - A New Frontier In Automated FX Trading!

    Where did you first hear about Neural Nets? The first time I heard about a Neural Net, believe it or not, it had nothing to do with computer software or using it to trade any market... it was in the MOVIES! In 1984, James Cameron, the director of "Avatar", made a movie called "The...
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    Vantage point 8.1

    Vantage point 8.0 Forex Groups 1 and 2 plus Futures Markets
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    Daily and Weekly Forex Analysis @

    The vision of is to be the most versatile and comprehensive website for Forex Trading. While it presents a lot of info and trading tools, it also provides daily technical analysis for day trading and weekend analysis for longer-term trades. We send free email alerts to our...
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    Hotpip Forex System (Average 1,500pips/Week):

    Hi everybody? Hotpip forex is very successful system that worth you 1,500pips weekly as average and its now available to every one throw RAS site. you can visit our site for more information at Hotpip forex you can see our statements of trading on MT Intelligence - Statemant for Hotpip...