Neural Nets - A New Frontier In Automated FX Trading!

Where did you first hear about Neural Nets?

The first time I heard about a Neural Net, believe it or not, it had nothing to do with computer software or using it to trade any market... it was in the MOVIES!

In 1984, James Cameron, the director of "Avatar", made a movie called "The Terminator" was Arnold Schwarzenegger's breakthrough role. They didn't explain too much about the terminator though, because at that point, computers were still young and they had no idea how to actually conceive of something that sophisticated.

It wasn't until the sequel came out in 1991 that the terminator in THAT movie revealed that his "CPU" was a Neural Net..."A learning computer".

Strangely enough, the terminator actually comes back from the future somewhere around 2011 to 2020... which is pretty spot on it terms of where Neural Nets would start to blossom.

It's quite amazing to see how science fiction often sets a timeline for REAL science to catch up with. It's pretty much the same thing with Moore's law - it's a self fulfilling prophecy because knowing the future often creates that paradoxical loop that sets it in motion in the first place.

By the way Moore's law states that the number of transistors that can be inexpensively placed on an integrated circuit will double every two years. That's how computers keep getting faster and faster!

So... getting back to the present, it shouldn't come as SUCH a surprise that the sharpest minds in the business have realized the applications of the Neural Net for analyzing and speculating on financial markets.

You could say it was inevitable...

A computer that can LEARN... that can THINK and can spot all the myriad similarities in charts (past and present) would obviously be the ultimate trading mind.

Not surprising then that FX trading software like Leo Trader Pro has come around.

It doubles your account every month (you can actually log into their account with an investor password which is provided on their website!) and has such a high degree of precision that the drawdown is less than 1%.

Once again, reality has caught up with science fiction.

Check it out Below

And, hey... it was good enough for James Cameron and the Governator!
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Check this out:

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This actually debuted at The International Traders Expo not too long ago. Have a look below.

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I've been trading Forex for about a year and a half. In this period of time I have traded with several FX scalping systems. I have also personally built 2 websites around the topic of forex systems and software. I have test run the big boys of automated forex training. I have found though that as technology advances we need to keep in tune or get lost in the dust.

Now is one of those times..

There are too many variables in Forex Trading. Not only do you need to know historic trends but inter day trends. But what about market personality. The weather everywhere also play a part. There are to many calculations for even our home computers to calculate. It's time to decentralize these tasks.

There are Forex Trading Systems that have HUGH computers to run all these calculations. Remember Systems means (Save Yourself Time Energy Money)

What Systems are you using?
AI found in Forex Neural Nets!

In case you haven't heard from the makers of Fap Turbo comes LeoTraderPro a Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Robot that Proves its Trades with LIVE INVESTOR PASSWORDS. You might want to check out what it's all about. You Login Verify and Judge! Read this FREE Report.
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