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  1. emn9999

    ForeXolution aka Forex Solution - The Juggernaut MT4/5 EA

    Hello all! I have built a consistent and trustworthy Forex EA which I'd like to present to you - I believe you may want it. It is called ForeXolution and it is honest, simple and smart. It does not use Martingale and no grid trading. It is no scalper and no long term trader. It trades...
  2. S

    Forex EA 1% Daily Profit With Low Drawdown

    I would like to introduce a new forex robot which could produce a 1% net profit/day consistently and of course with a low drawdown. I wouldn’t promise you this robot could double your account within a few days, because such robot usually will blow your account in the end. This robot called...
  3. KostyaForexEa

    The best forex advisor 2016. Monitoring live accounts.

    Good day! I invite you to test a profitable trading robot. Expert Advisor's strategy is based on volumetric analysis. More monitoring you can see on the site (see the mail domain). Monitoring recent accounts, the profit earned and withdrawal. New monitoring running with 10.18.2016...
  4. FXTrader29

    Engulfing Candlestick Pattern Trading Forex Robot FREE Download

    Engulfing candlestick pattern is a very important trend reversal signal especially if the candle engulfs the previous candle fully. Engulfing candlestick pattern is a pure price action trading strategy. There are many traders who love to trade this engulfing candlestick pattern. You can...
  5. FXTrader29

    EA Builder Trendline Break Indicator FREE Download

    EA Builder is a software programme that helps you build custom indicators that are not available on MT4 or TradeStation but can be very helpful for you in trading. You can download this Trendline Break Indicator for MT4 as well as TradeStation from EA Builder FREE. You can also download Trend...
  6. FXTrader29

    The Million Dollar Trading Challenge EA 30 Days Trial For $1 Only

    You can try our Million Dollar Trading Challenge EA for 30 days for $1 only. During these 30 days you get full access to the system and the signals so that you can thoroughly check the performance of our forex signals. Try our Million Dollar Trading Challenge EA for $1 and download the Slave EA...
  7. FXTrader29

    Double Your Forex Trading Account In A Day EA!

    You can use this Double Your Forex Trading Account In A Day EA to double your trading account in one trade while risking not more than 3-5% of your account equity. In order to use this Double Your Forex Trading Account In A Day EA, you should have a manual trading strategy that you are...
  8. AlexTop

    Forex Diamond EA

    Forex Diamond EA – Finally, a complete, high performance ea that uses 3 proven Forex trading strategies to consistently outperform the market! Finally, a complete, high performance ea that uses 3 proven Forex trading strategies to consistently outperform the market! Forex Diamond EA top...
  9. FXTrader29

    Forex Diamond EA Has A Recovery Factor Of 40+

    Forex Diamond EA has a recovery factor of 40+. A recovery factor of 20+ is considered to be exceptional in the forex industry. With a recovery factor of 40+, Forex Diamond EA makes winning trades that are 40 times the losing trades. Forex Diamond EA has been developed by the same team that has...
  10. AlexTop


    OndaFX Expert Advisor – A real trading tool. You can customize every aspect of the EA and discover yourself new pairs and timeframes to trade with. OndaFX can easily become your private “lab” for understanding how to make the most from Bollinger Bands on different pairs and timeframes. You...
  11. A

    Hurry , Get it Free , use coupon code "seetea"

    Hi hurry guy they are good but too expensive , but you can get it free who joined them this week , use coupon code "seetea" and enjoy profit , don,t miss it bank expert adviser
  12. A

    6000 pips in 6 weeks Real Account EA

    HI M selling EA for 1000$ for life time license , weekly around 300-500 pips , check the stats below offering EA=1000$ Manage Account Service = 40% cut from Profit or 100$ Monthly Minimum Account size 3000$ if any one interested...
  13. AlexTop

    Ataka EA

    Ataka EA – A fully automated trading system that makes 735% profits! Ataka EA is designed for traders who want to get a steady income under all market conditions, even during important economic news. Ataka EA features: - Clear and trouble-free algorithm, proven many months testing. -...
  14. AlexTop

    Verified Trader

    Verified Trader – The COMPLETE Traders Toolkit! Now it’s time to turn the table on them and use even BETTER tech to win $615,975 in under a year! Discover the Brand-New, HIGH TECH Way To Make Sure You Become A Winner Every Time You Sit Down To Trade… - Using the tactics that banks use to...
  15. AlexTop

    Forex Esteem

    Forex Esteem EA – Per-month: +23.5%. The most powerful and profitable EA on Forex market! Forex Esteem EA Features: - 100 hands free and emotion free trading - Easy to install and use, doesn’t require Forex trading knowledge - Sophisticated bull in money management to maximize trading...
  16. forextrader3476

    Monthly growth upto 20%

    FxVoodoo is in reality an actual forex robot: It can be applied to any currency pair but only on 1-minute time frame. It works only on metatrader4 (MT4) platform. There is no minimum starting capital limitation to run FxVoodoo EA.
  17. AlexTop

    Harmonix EA

    Harmonix EA – 70-80% or higher success rate. Harmonix is the most advanced and sophisticated pattern recognition and filtering software! Harmonix will Scan and Monitor any financial market for Harmonic Patterns on any timeframe. It will find ALL the Harmonic Patterns, and will even let...
  18. AlexTop

    Tops And Bottoms V5.1 EA

    Tops And Bottoms V5.1 EA: 100% fully automated trading system! This EA specializes in trying to find trend reversals in the range of 50 to 500 pips. An average trade time may last anywhere from 1 to 72 hours. The system follows a strict entry and exit strategy and depending on the settings you...
  19. AlexTop

    Forex Gold Machine

    Forex Gold Machine: World’s Best!! The expected return rate is about 300~400% per year with the medium risk! Forex Gold Machine is a fully automated trading robot for Forex market. It monitors the market 24/5, and trades EUR/USD, USD/JPY pair only. The expected return rate is about 300~400%...
  20. J

    The Best Forex EAs

    Hi Here is what i think the best 5 forex EAs on this market, I will really want to know what you think?