Aug 10, 2021
Hello all!

I have built a consistent and trustworthy Forex EA which I'd like to present to you - I believe you may want it.

It is called ForeXolution and it is honest, simple and smart.

It does not use Martingale and no grid trading. It is no scalper and no long term trader. It trades intraday and does so very well.

At the core of it's strategy is the "Forex heartbeat" effect which is created by the main Forex sessions.

Utilizing the Forex heartbeat along with a proper strategy yields a tremendous ability to maintain profitability over great lengths of time.

Key features of ForeXolution are:
  1. First of all, dynamic stop loss and take profit on every trade - safety first!
  2. Highly optimized indication for best trade entry points - weeding out dangerous entries.
  3. Highly optimized indication for smart trade exits - maximizing profit.
  4. Based on the Forex heartbeat - trades open only during the "Diastole" of the market.
  5. Trade length capping - to prevent trades running into uncertain price action.
  6. Multi-currency EA - trades on 25 pairs, all majors and most crosses, simultaneously.
  7. Works on both MT4 and MT5 - easy plug and play with a few settings.
  8. Calm trading - opens around 1-2 trades a day on average, with never more than one trade the same way on the same pair.
  9. Very low drawdown - easy on your budget, and you can start with as low as $100.
  10. Simple trading operations routine - no stress for your broker and computer.
  11. Trades on the flexible yet firm 15 minute timeframes - perfect for intraday trades.
  12. A fair price, 30 days money back guarantee and unlimited tech support + updates.

This is not a "holy grail", as there aren't any, nor is it a "90% wins bot", which may be, but the other 10% of trades can crash an account.

ForeXolution is a quiet loyal helper that always provides a backbone and profit support for your Forex trading and any other business endeavor.

Here is a test run from the MT5 Tester, from 2006 to 2021:


More information: https://forexcanny.com

Any other questions? Please ask - I will gladly answer.

Thank you.