Forex EA 1% Daily Profit With Low Drawdown


Jun 15, 2019
I would like to introduce a new forex robot which could produce a 1% net profit/day consistently and of course with a low drawdown. I wouldn’t promise you this robot could double your account within a few days, because such robot usually will blow your account in the end.

This robot called NET89, having a high accuracy entry strategy and low drawdown is what make this robot better than others. Most robots out there using a martingale strategy which promised will give high return within a short time. Of course not all martingale based robot are sucks, but the thing is this kind of robot will need a very high capital to start with. For me, a consistent profit 1%/day is better than doubling account at first but margin call in the end.

How NET89 robot strategy works and can produce a nice profits?
This robot is programmed to have more than one strategy, first entry will based on current trend and if the trend is changing then it will cut loss the current open position and switch to another strategy which is sideway strategy. Robot will not stop trading until daily profit target is reached and will only stop trading if there are 2 consecutive loss or reach maximum risk per day 5%.

You can see the trading result from one of live account here and if you need investor password, do PM or you may whatsapp me too.