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    Forex Broker: USD Against EURO Changes Dramatically

    :eek:Forex Broker---- Since June 7th, the dollar has been moving down. The dollar index hit 88.71 at high that day, and plunged to 84.42 on July 1st. The euro, however, started to rise, with completely consistent time and nodes. The euro entered the access to rise on June 7th at 1.1875, and...
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    Forex Broker: Market Focus Transfers; USD May Fall Back

    Forex Broker---- In the first half of this year, the dollar, benefited from hedging purchasing triggered by European sovereignty debt crisis, rallied for 9.57%, the highest ever since 2005. However, while the forex market shifts its focus onto the continuity of American economic recovery under...
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    What is the Role of Forex Broker?

    We have constantly talking about trades and traders many times; I like to start a topic which describes the role of Forex Broker… I feel Forex broker is a firm or an individual that works as the intermediary between the buyer and seller. What do you think? Do they act much?