Forex-Metal Offers Islamic Trading Accounts


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Feb 19, 2009
Forex-Metal Offers Islamic Trading Accounts

To meet the needs of Muslim forex traders, Forex-Metal broker offers Islamic accounts that completely satisfy Islamic religious prohibitions of not receiving or paying interest. Islamic accounts do not have any swaps calculated for the open positions. There could be a small maintenance fee taken at the end of each trading day. Islamic account holder may also receive a small amount of money from Forex-Metal as a gift at the end of the trading session.

Forex-Metal also offers no-swap accounts (accounts where daily swaps are not calculated for the open positions) to all traders, no matter what their religious affiliation is. No-swap accounts do not have any fees or interests attached to them and can be used for certain trading strategies.

To open an Islamic account or no-swap account with Forex-Metal, one must follow the standard account opening procedure and then email with the request for an Islamic or no-swap account. Clients can open Islamic friendly accounts regardless of their account type, deposit, leverage, or base currency.

To open a trading account with Forex-Metal, please visit

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