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    [Social Trading] [Tickmill] WONNFX iGG (XAUUSD / GOLD)

    Service type: Social Trading Tickmill Founding date: 01/02/2024. Link: WONNFX iGG Monitoring: myfxbook WONNFX iGG Description: Algorithmic trading. Intraday trading. GOLD (XAUUSD) Trading systems do not use martingale or other dangerous methods. All trades are opened and closed during the...
  2. sevenstarfx

    What is Copy Trading

    [URL deleted] Copy trading, found within financial markets, involves less experienced followers replicating the trades of more seasoned or successful Providers. It includes mirroring the actions of these adept Providers, either automatically or manually, with the aim of leveraging their...
  3. K

    Copy trading delay

    Hello I have a question if any one know how to delay traders from a copy trading tool, like social trading tools. So that on my main account we take a trade, and the account we copy too, will delay the trade with 3-5 seconds?
  4. H

    Telegram/ Automated Trading - Options

    Hi All, I am still getting my head around Telegram signals. I use TelegramFXcopier and subscribe to different channels I could find online. ( Dont judge me, I have a full time job so cant be attached to charts, although one day would like to do full time ) I have collated the last 3 months...
  5. SaadAbdul

    Copy Trading

    What are the factors that should be considered before choosing the right trader for copy trading in Forex?
  6. Enivid

    Social Trading: A Whole New Dimension in Investing

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. Social Trading: A Whole New Dimension in Investing eToro has brought a whole new dimension to the world of online trading with the latest eToro OpenBook release. Join the social game in the foreign markets...
  7. Enivid

    Set Your Own Direction or Copy the Transactions of Successful Forex Traders?

    The following post is a paid advertisement. The content was provided by the advertiser. If you expect trading in the foreign exchange market to be easy, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. It is not because you must have a winning strategy or you need $1 million to make a passive...
  8. Venom1989

    Forex Auto King-New Monster Trading System

    It provides the best copy trading via 3rd part Ea to copy your trade. you have chance to get Forex Auto King system with it’s amazing 40 + Recovery Factor and take trading to the next level. How Forex AUTO KING Copy System UNLOCKS Profit Potential with 3 Sophisticated Market Domination...
  9. M

    Autotrade/Copy personal acocunt

    Hi All Does anyone know how I go about setting up autotrading my own work on a separate account? My idea is to have 2 accounts (one master and one copy). I will take trades on master and manage them manually. The copy account would need to autoplace the same trade with a fixed risk % based on...
  10. JAustin

    Why Every New Trader Should Start Copy Trading First

    Losing money as a new trader is, unfortunately, par for the course. The statistics show that 96% of new traders lose money and that this causes many of them to quit trading completely. While trading may not be for everyone, it could work for a much larger scope of people if, instead of diving...
  11. JAustin

    Copy trading crypto as a way to make money online.

    Money is pretty tight for most of us at the moment. With job loss at an all time high and a global recession on our plates, making money has never been harder and more necessary. With a lot of us turning to the internet to make an extra buck a big worry is making sure the sites we are using are...
  12. JAustin

    How copy trading can prevent you from becoming a statistic.

    Trading is always a challenge, and it is more of a challenge for newbies, many of whom make mostly losses to start with, often causing them to stop trading altogether. But how do you prevent this from happening to you? Well, this article has the answer. Here is what the top eToro traders Are...
  13. advantageFX

    Forex Signals - Copy trading - Free for lifetime

    Free Forex Signals for lifetime, offer valid only for 1 week. Grab your deal now. 200+ USD profit per month. Copy our trades directly from our master account Requirements: - USD based account with 1000 USD deposit - MT4 trading platfrom - XM standard account (non EU clients) X leverage...
  14. DTF-Vietnam

    Hello International Traders! Greetings from Vietnam!

    Hi all, new to EF but not on forex subject. Due to commercial reasons I have to join the related forex forum to help (quickly) achieve our main goal for our Vietnamese investor - to register a regulated brokerage in Australia, invested by Vietnamese for Vietnamese (of course international too)...
  15. ForexStream

    Join & Copy Consistent Trading with

    ForexSignalStream excels at delivering consistent trading results. Find out more by visiting my website: Follow my Trading Journal on Forex Factory Join and Copy ForexSignalStream HIGHLIGHTS: + Live track record of 10 consecutive profitable months and...
  16. forexpointer

    Suggestion on Best MT4 Copy Trading Provider?

    Hi, We have been looking for best and reliable trade copier provider to connect our subscribers with our MetaTrader. We provide signals but our subscribers are also looking for the trade copying solution so they don’t have to do stuffs manually by themselves. It is also good for them when they...
  17. B

    what is copy trade?

    what is copy trade? How can I start copy trade with hotforex? Thanks
  18. M

    Anyone succeeded in copy trading?

    Has anyone succeeded in copy trading? I like to know your own experiences on copy trading.