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Negative Balance in Forex Trading

February 16, 2015 (Last updated on May 21, 2021) by

As you probably know already, there are now thousands of live Forex trading accounts with negative balance, which occurred thanks to the surprise EUR/CHF floor removal by the Swiss National Bank on January 15. Some of them have been covered at the expense of the brokers, some were left by the traders with the intent to never touch them again, some are being replenished voluntarily, while others are getting helped by the broker’s lawyers who seek out for traders turned debtors.

Balance chart going negative

That event was particularly noticeable and full of consequences because of its wide extent, but there were cases of negative balance in trading accounts even before the recent SNB surprise. Any fast swing in volatility or a big price gap could lead to the negative amount displayed in your trading platform. A below-zero balance is something that is stuck to the online FX industry despite all the precautions in a form of margin calls and stop-out levels. Usually, Forex is advertised as a kind of trading where you cannot lose more than you deposit to your account.

I personally, have never experienced a negative balance in my live trading accounts. And how about you? If you have experienced this more than once, please choose an answer according to the most recent case:

Have you ever experienced negative balance?

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If you want to share more details about your case of experiencing negative account balance in Forex, please feel free to do so using the commentary form below.

5 Responses to “Negative Balance in Forex Trading”

  1. Jason Decks

    I also have never had a negative account before and this comes to me quite as a surprise because recently I have seen lots of posts about traders having negative balance on their accounts. Some of the brokers are even trying to chase their debtors. But I am not sure they will succeed especially when the negative balance was created by an external influence.


  2. Marian Marek

    Fortunately I have never had negative balance and I have tried altogether 6 brokers during the past years. Honestly I think any broker who is now chasing customers to pay the negative balance is risking to gain very bad reputation in fx industry.


  3. Max Trey

    We are retail guys about to lose our homes. Make spreadbetting safer for retail. We lost with IG who did not start closing our positions until after 10mins following the SNB announcement. Please sign the petition
    Email us at


  4. Suresh Shekar

    Ri markets operated by fcorp services ltd.
    I lost my initial deposit 250 USD and my one more deposit USD 1283 and now account has negative balance USD -359.6 .
    Should I pay it?
    What should be done from my side.



    Andriy Moraru Reply:

    If you plan trading with that broker in the future, I would recommend paying off your negative balance. Otherwise, I don’t think it is possible for them to force you to compensate it.


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