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Do You Use Repainting Indicators for Chart Analysis?

June 29, 2020 by

Repainting indicators are technical indicators that change their output values on past candles based on the candles that came in later. Some traders also consider indicators that change their current candle’s value based on the updating High/Low/Close values repainting, but this is hardly an issue that results in real problems for traders. It is much more frustrating for traders to get a signal for a long position on a candle but then see that signal getting erased and updated to a sell position signal several candles into the future.

Forex trader is frustrated after a repainting indicator changed its signal from Buy to Sell

Still, as you have probably experienced yourself while analyzing charts with such standard indicators as ZigZag or Bill Williams’ Fractals, even repainting indicators can offer some useful insights in the form of trendlines and important price levels. It is also possible that some repainting indicators that pretend to be the real deal are worth looking at on historical charts to simplify the analysis. Perhaps, even taking trading signals from some rare repainting indicators could be a good idea if their rate of repainting is lower than the overall benefit from following their signals. I personally have never encountered such indicators, but in theory they could exist.

My own experience with repainting indicators is limited to firing up ZigZag indicator once in a while to make sense of some really weird jigsaw charts. And what is your experience in using repainting indicators for analysis or trading?

Do you use repainting indicators in Forex?

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