United States Planning To Toughen Mexican Border Control

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    United States Planning To Toughen Mexican Border Control

    The United States is planning to amp up security along it's border with Mexico. The Obama administration says that, among other reasons, heightened border security will help protect some of the country's southern states from the dangerous drug wars that have been going on south of the border and spilling into the U.S. from time to time.

    However there may be a second, more economically geared, reason.

    With a struggling economy the United States can't support many new illegal, or legal, immigrants. The new controls are sure to stunt the influx of illegal workers, which for now could be a good thing for American business.
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    Mr. Trump is that you 10 years ago ? You already knew all that and planned this as well as your presidency ? LOL, but anyway good point. I am all for people coming here in the US, but they should do that legally and no other way around ? Especially it was become that nightmare all that last 10 years till date.

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