Tickstory - Download & Export to MT4 for 99% backtests


Nov 16, 2012
Hi all,

Below is the link for downloading and exporting Dukascopy Data into MT4 (and also CSV) that should hopefully make life easier.


The application is designed to Download and Export tick Data to various formats in a few easy clicks. You can achieve 99% back-tests without the time & effort that you currently need to do to prepare MT4 history files.

The MT4 Export is fully configurable - it supports the use of MT4 "config" files which detail instrument spreads, lot sizes et al. These config files externalise all the MT4 settings that get written to the FXT/HST exports. This means that back-test results can now (hopefully) be consistent between various people & broker setups by simply using the same configs. This is different to other methods which take the current spread from the broker which means that a different MT4 file is generated on each run and therefore different back-test results are produced (especially for spread-sensitve EAs).
There is a generic 5-digit broker config to get people going quickly, however there is also instructions on the 'Help'/Advanced tab of the MT4 Export to describe how you can generate your own configs based on your broker.

As far as MT4 HST & FXT generation goes, all you need to do is select the instruments you wish to download, name the period and the application will do the rest from downloading Dukascopy Data to generating the MT4 file! You can also produce custom formatted CSVs.

Hope this is useful!