Forex Demolition Light - Free forex robot (EA)

Sep 14, 2011
Hi everyone. Permit me to introduce myself first. I'm part of the Forex Demolition EA development team. We, like yourselves are traders and forums such as this one have helped us in our forex journey and I thought it would be cool to give away for free but profitable EA as a way of giving back to the community.

This EA is a scalper EA as you can probably tell. It has been tested and developed using Dukascopy tick data and we pretty happy with the results. The EA files can be found attached to this post. Please remember to place the .dll file in your "libraries" folder in the root of your MT4 install directory. The ex4 file you all know where it goes.

I've also attached a backtest done using Dukascopy tick data. This is about as accurate of a backtest as we can or will be able to achieve. However backtests don't tell the whole story. Our commercial EA has been running on multiple live accounts during the development cycle and it is still profitable, so as a whole we trust the results of backtesting with Dukascopy tick data.

I'm going to try to get our main coder on here as well in case you guys have any coding or any such technical questions.

If the response to this is positive we may release other free EAs in the future.

Have fun testing this EA! Also please don't forget to share your backtesting and live/demo forward testing results please.