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    One year ago I finished building a strat that as long as you had 2000 candles of data in a given time frame, regardless of market conditions or currency pair, it would yield profitable results. In that time i have been refining the core concept of that strat to include smarter risk management parameters and fail-safes for exceptional market events that cant be predicted, such as flash-crashes and counter-intuitive news events. I also knew that this strat would need to operate in a minimum of two conditions, range-bound and break-out. I knew that if I wanted this strat to perform as intended it needed to avoid redundant trades at specifics levels that would only yield commissions for the brokerage and minimal gains for the account. One year later, and what was being alpha tested as 5 programs operating at the same time to simulate my strat, is now entering the final stages of development as a single strategy (non-fifo, plans for a fifo version are about 6-7 months away).

    Because of the way my EA handles variables, there is no backtesting data available as the MT4 backtester will not recognize the dynamic adjustments my EA makes to specific variables. I am still trying to figure out a way to get the MT4 back tester to recognize and then approximate the dynamic movement of specific variables so that backtesting is possible.

    Because of this limitation, and after much debate, I have decided to seek five Beta-testers. As of right now, I only have successful forward testing data, but it lacks diversity of broker and currency pair as I had to manage the complexity of this strat in live settings while adjusting multiple programs's parameters simultaneously to adhere to the strategy. As I have recently exited Alpha stages of my EA's development and what once took 5 programs now takes 1 program, I need less time programming and more time data collecting.

    Ideal candidates would be:
    Sophisticated traders with a minimum of 5 years trading experience
    Able to access a VPS
    Willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement

    As a Beta tester you would of course get the final version, but stripped of all developer tools. I will be accepting e-mails from interested parties at [redacted]. I will be accepting these emails until 8/1/2017. Because of how busy I am programming this EA, typically 6-10 hours a day, please do not anticipate a response until August.

    This will be my first and last post on these forums until my EA is release ready.
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