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Apr 16, 2009
I'll only address this once publicly.

Shawn I have nothing against you and wish you the absolute best. You at the time had not met our refund requirements yet. I however tend to be a very compassionate person and my customers mean a lot to me. I wholeheartedly understood your situation and tried to make concessions to allow you to return the Neuro Net software early.

You used Neuro Net less than a week and were a bit proactive about going into experimental settings. Which at the time was allowed in the configuration. And it's something we do love here since by pushing the software we get exceptional feedback that tells us how we can make it better for other Neuro Net Users. I feel that your expertise with computers and position as a "power user" might have worked against you when using Neuro Net. Instead of letting it do it's job you had that overwhelming curiosity, that drive for performance that motivated you often to interfere with what were the recommended defaults. Which under an other circumstances would have been great but you really needed to see Neuro Net perform as intended so you had a baseline and understanding for how the software traded.

Also you were trading Neuro Net on an IBFX mini account versus a standard. So your gains were much smaller than other users since the value per pip was at a 1/10th of their normal value on a standard sized account.

That said if you just could have held out one more day my staff had been fully prepared to process your return on Wednesday as promised.

However, some of your actions greatly concern me. You've attempted to undermine the security of a chat room provided for Neuro Net users, have went on a rampage of spreading very heated and slightly misconstrued impressions of the Neuro Net software, and finally you have privately harassed some of my customers and said hurtful things to them.

This behavior I honestly cannot condone as it detracts from the experience we provide to our long standing customer base.

I'm not sure why you are so passionately pursing this in such an aggressive manner. I honestly do not wish to resort to legal action against you or anyone for that matter. Especially considering your circumstances. That is not the goal of our company. I have worked very hard for the past two years and made many sacrifices myself to try and help others on the forex market. From Neuro Net customers needing assistance with using the software, to helping educate them on the forex market, broker operations, and even going as far to help provide them information and resources while purchasing a new personal computer.

Now with all that said I simply don't believe that with how you currently feel that you could ever allow yourselves to use Neuro Net properly to achieve the same results as Neuro Net customers. I would be doing you a disservice in trying to encourage you to continue running the software. And if I can't help you meet your goals I would prefer you simply not use the software.

So I will ask you to make a decision. You can keep wasting your time blowing off steam publicly over whatever discontent you may feel towards myself or my company. Or you can use your time productively to better yourself in your personal pursuits.

If you would like to stop these hurtful rants I would still be happy to process your return. It would truly break my heart to have to put yourself and your family through any legal action over these transgressions. As I have always worked hard to go above and beyond what was required of me to help out ever customer that ever walked through my virtual doors.

I do also know that you provide a wonderful honest service over the internet for people who require simple solutions to common PC problems. From necessary maintenance to virus removal. So many under-qualified companies provide similar services out there in the world that really tarnishes peoples experience with computing in general. And I fully support the type of work you do and have faith that you provide them with exceptional service.

With also that said if you're willing to put these heated and emotional comments behind us I would still be happy to offer your service to my customers. Some of my customers are retirees and still new to computer use. They obviously get to places that may damage their pc on the internet and they have a need for an affordable service provided by a knowledgeable tech who can help them solve their problem and not simply recommend they over-extend their budget further in purchasing new hardware for a PC they may or may not even have finished paying off yet.

Sincerely Yours,



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Mar 13, 2010