MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 1930


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Nov 30, 2008
Following a period of thorough beta-testing, MetaQuotes Software has released a new version of its MT5 platform on October 26 - Build 1930. The new version focuses on delivering better user experience as well as improving the development tools for MQL5 coders:
  • Any chart can now be detached from the platform into a separate window. For example, if you want to drag it to another monitor.
  • Built-in chats now support two-way and group conversations.
  • Position volumes for cryptocurrencies are now given with 8 decimal places, improving position sizing for trading and accounting.
  • Educational articles published on are now available directly through terminal.
  • Extended certificates are now supported when launching MT5 via Wine.
  • Standard toolbar now features a "Save active chart data as picture" icon for quicker screenshotting.
  • Added native support for .NET libraries. MQL5 developers can now import .NET functions directly without writing additional wrappers.
  • WinAPI functions can now be loaded via MQL5 Standard Library without importing the DLLs directly.
  • __inline and __forceinline specifiers from C++ code no longer cause compilation errors - they are ignored by MQL Editor.
  • Added properties to control chart windows and their position via MQL5 functions.
  • MqlTick and MqlBookInfo structures now contain a volume_real field to work with the real market volume when it is available.
  • ENUM_SYMBOL_INFO_DOUBLE has been extended with new properties to get information about the symbol's real volume.
  • Added MQL_FORWARD flag to ENUM_MQL_INFO_INTEGER enum to let the program know if it is running in a forward-test.
  • Added pack() property to structures, which sets the alignment of the fields arrangement within the structure. This might be necessary when working with DLL functions.
  • Added support for implicit casting of enum values. The program with now compile without errors if the enum value is spelled wrongly, but the compiler will show a warning.
  • Added TesterStop() function to let the MQL5 program terminate the testing process on some predetermined condition.
  • Added tester_everytick_calculate property for indicators to force recalculation on each tick when the indicator is used in the Strategy Tester.
  • Now the Strategy Tester no longer recalculates each indicator on each new tick unless a visual mode is on. Calculation is called only when a relevant event arrives to the pair the indicator is on. Developers should use the new property mentioned above to force recalculation on every tick.
  • Testing and optimization reports now properly take into account the deposit currency exchange rate.
  • Fixed a bug with one-level depth of market display.
  • Fixed applying of time shift to imported ticks and bars data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the platform to freeze when there was a large number of calendar events on the chart.
  • Fixed a bug with template functions compilation.
  • Fixed some errors with CopyTicks* functions.
  • Fixed a bug in MetaEditor search and replace feature when underscore counted as a word delimiter.
  • Improved performance of execution for MQL5 programs. The source code should be recompiled to make it run faster. Due to this, programs compiled in Build 1930 will not be compatible with the previous builds.
  • Optimized performance of many MQL5 functions.
  • Fixed other bugs and errors.
MetaQuotes' release announcement is available here:

If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.