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Nov 30, 2008
A new major release of MetaTrader 5 platform has been issued by MetaQuotes on December 6. Yesterday, it has become available for upgrade through the major Forex brokers. The build 2265 provides access to DirectX API via Standard Library class, adds functions to work with SQLite databases directly from MQL5 code, makes it possible to create and compile C/C++ and Python code directly in MetaEditor, and adds many other improvements to all parts of the platform. The list of notable changes in this update can be seen below:
  • All information that was previously available in symbol specification can now be added as columns to Market Watch window.
  • Currently used account is highlighted among all accounts added to the platform in Navigator window.
  • New window frame design for charts to take up less space.
  • Trading totals are now calculated based on positions rather than on deals when viewing trading history as positions.
  • Improved speed of launching of MT5 programs.
  • MT5 setup file can now be run with /beta key from the command line to install the latest beta version automatically.
  • Fixed display of required margin for Exchange Stocks instruments.
  • Improved speed of compilation for MT5 programs.
  • Added support for DirectX API via Standard Library class (CCanvas3D extends CCanvas class).
  • Added a set of functions to work with SQLite databases. Respective error codes have been added to MQL5 language too.
  • Added a new MT5 program property optimization_chart_mode to control the default visualization mode for optimizations in Strategy Tester.
  • Added new math function MathArctan2() to calculate the radian value of an angle based on X and Y coordinates.
  • Optimized the way MT5 programs work to reduce the number of used resources and speed up execution.
  • When loading a .NET library in an MT5 program, it will now also automatically load all the .NET libraries required by the explicitly loaded library.
  • Fixed time operations with Python/MetaTrader integration.
  • Custom settings for trading instruments are now available in Strategy Tester.
  • Strategy Tester now allows to quickly select one of the last used EAs/settings/charts.
  • It is now possible to work with C/C++ and Python projects directly from MetaEditor by defining path to respective compilers.
  • Navigate backward (Ctrl+-) and Navigate forward (Ctrl+Shift+-) commands are now available via toolbar in MetaEditor for faster code navigation.
  • Fixed other bugs and errors.
Android and iOS versions feature the following changes:
  • Quick links to broker's deposit/withdrawal page.
  • Trading positions history is now sorted by close date.
  • Positions closed by their SL or TP are now marked with color lines in the history.
  • Trading symbol specification now features two new fields - Category and Exchange.
  • Margin call state is now indicated by the red color of the Margin, Free Margin, and Margin Level values in the trading section.
  • Some other fixes.
MetaQuotes' full release announcement is available here:
If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.

By the way, many users have reported serious problems with the build 2265, but I haven't encountered any when I worked with my own code.