MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 920


Staff member
Nov 30, 2008
Build 920 has been released to public MT4 servers today after it had been made available on MetaQuotes demo server yesterday. The build focuses on optimization and fixing of errors:
  • Account opening dialog has been optimized to provide up-to-date ping information for the servers.
  • Terminal should now work faster.
  • Its interface has been further optimized to high resolution screens.
  • MQL4 applications can now include downloaded custom indicators as resources.
  • Fixed accuracy of level value display in custom indicators - it is now based on the indicator value's accuracy.
  • Fixed object inheritance in MQL4.
  • Fixed iIndicatorOnArray() operation of arrays of predefined size.
  • Fixed class templates.
  • When working with Strategy Tester via configuration file, TestVisualEnable ini parameter can now control the Visual mode.
  • Fixed errors with parameter loading from configuration ini file given via command line in Strategy Tester.
  • Fixed operation of CopyXXX() functions in Strategy Tester when they returned current data instead of the test data.
  • Fixed a bug with memory deallocation after Visual testing.
Download MT4 Build 920 by starting your terminal. A full list of changes is available on the MetaQuotes forum.

If you find some bug or want to share your impression about the latest MT4 build, please post below.