Looking For Introducing Brokers and Affiliates


Jul 28, 2017
Knockout Entertainment Inc., is an international gaming, entertainment and e-commerce corporation operating a variety of companies in some of the fastest growing industries in the world, including: online gaming, content streaming, eSports, ticketing, and automated trading.

The Knockout Forex division has developed a managed Forex account offering which employs the use of our proprietary automated algorithmic trading strategies to generate exceptional returns for our clients. Our system, developed over the past ten years, implements a series of algorithms to locate high probability entry points and pre-defined exit strategies, in order to create profitable trade sequences. Our algorithms tireless monitor the markets, identify, opens and manage more trades than an entire floor of traders. Unlike many other hedge funds and managed accounts, Knockout Forex is able to offer our program with no fees of any kind. Instead, Knockout Forex creates a lasting partnership with our clients by offering our clients the first 3% of monthly gains over the client’s previously achieved High-Water Mark. Returns exceeding the 3% monthly benchmark are split with the client at a 75%/25% rate, with the client receiving 25% of the overage and Knockout Forex receiving the remainder. We offer 10% of the performance fee we receive to the referring Introducing Broker. Our offering allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of having exposure to the highly lucrative opportunities that the Forex market provides, along with the latest advancements in trade automation, without any up-front costs. With an average monthly return of just under 4% throughout 2017 and our unique no-cost structure, we believe the Knockout Forex is poised to re-define the way investors access the World’s largest market, while at the same time, drastically reducing the rates of attrition many introducers and affiliates experience when the clients they refer to other brokerages attempt to trade on their own.

Additionally, our Introducing Brokers can look forward to earning commissions on a variety of other future offerings from our parent company, Knockout Entertainment Inc and Knockout Gaming., as each offering comes available throughout 2018.