Looking for algo trading developers


Oct 4, 2013
Hello everyone,

We have two Institutional investor mandates for trading algorithms written in MT4 / MT5 / Python / Metlab / C++.

Our clients are established money managers / ECF Investment funds and Hedge funds looking for new code to diversity the management of internal and external funds. The client is to carry full fiduciary duty on all funds under management.

The client is offering a % of volume generated by use of your “signal”. The clients are 6/7/8 figure investors, so it can be lucrative and regular income for code writers/Algo owners who have their code selected after a demo test. During demo test period, you may host your code on your own server and we are happy to provide NDA’s for anyone who wishes.

For further information, please contact contact a member of our Algorithmic trading team by phone/email/Skype/IM client.

Philip R Greenwood, CII, FAIQ
London | Moscow | São Paulo
1 Grosvenor Crescent,London, SW1X 7EF
United Kingdom: +44 207 193 2257
SP + 55 11 3042 9377
& (24 hours) +447506 894 752


Mohamad EL Boudi,
London | Paris | Cairo