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Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by vanessa23, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. vanessa23

    vanessa23 Trader

    hi i'm vanessa i'm seeking help here, because i need information about forex world, i would like to know how to manage my money i have received an inheritance and i want to invest it in forex , do you know some known trader with good results and experience who could help me to manage my account?
    Contact me by email : anvanessa2.3@gmail.com

    i would be so grateful
  2. inggo

    inggo Master Trader

    if this is serious then hold your horses, learn the trade first do some research before trying to invest in a very fast moving market that can cost you thousands of dollars. just saying.
  3. Enivid

    Enivid Administrator Staff Member

    If you are new to Forex, you will have near zero chances understanding a legit Forex manager from a scam. You better invest it with some established Forex hedge fund. You can consult Barclay's Hedge for the list of such funds.
  4. vanessa23

    vanessa23 Trader

    Hello everyone. Thank you for your suggestions and recommendations. During this time, I was learning about foreign exchange market. I think it is very interesting.
    If you know about a good trader who has a good record in his/her account and works with serious brokers. Please recommend me.
  5. treys

    treys Trader

    Hi Vanessa, I am new on this forum. I will leave you my recommendations. It is very difficult manual operating dealing with your recent foreign exchange marketing beginning. The mayor disadvantage is that they always have to keep an eye on the market and being sharp at the time to take place.
    I will recommend you automatic systems. You can set up everything you want, and then you only have to wait until the system take positions. You have to find a trader who works accurately on systems. If the program is well designed, there is less risk that everything is going wrong. Another advantage is that you can leave emotions apart. I will leave you here a system that I have been following .
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  6. f4forex

    f4forex Active Trader

    I would recommend you to learn more about trading and most importantly learn how to earn money with forex trading as trading seems easier but earning through it requires a lot of skills. Have you started trading demo account yet? If not then you should start practicing it while you learn as it can be a good private assistant for you in learning forex trading.
  7. ArslanKemal

    ArslanKemal Trader

    start with demo account if you don't want to loose big money
  8. myfxpt

    myfxpt Master Trader

    Vanessa, best advice is to invest 95% + of your inheritance in something solid (like a managed share or property trust), and only risk 5% or less in something as risky as Forex. This place is definitely NOT for the inexperienced, whether making direct investment, using a Forex managed account, or using a trading robot. I must agree with Enivid on the subject of finding a legitimate Forex manager...they are difficult to identify without at least some personal market knowledge, and even then there are no guarantees! Keep your eyes open, and good luck!
  9. Alexfx79

    Alexfx79 Active Trader

    You also can try invest into PAMM accounts (you'll have a trader manager of the account who will work with your money) or try to trading signals (in this case orders of the chosen experienced trader will be copied to your account). Information about signals providers and PAMM managers can be found in the internet so you can see if they are successful or not.
    But please, dont be 'all in', do not risk with all the money. 5-10% will be enough.
  10. Xavefif

    Xavefif Master Trader

    If you want to find out more about forex, you just need to read various articles and topics on the forum.
  11. SweetPrincess

    SweetPrincess Trader

    If you need more information about Forex, all you have to do is to search from the internet. There are many websites that can help you gain knowledge in the business. Forums like this can also help you in your learning process.

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