how to be a good trader?

Discussion in 'Forex Education' started by Sforextrader, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Sforextrader

    Sforextrader Active Trader

    how time's need to be a good and professional trader?
  2. Rayford Adam

    Rayford Adam Trader

    To be a good trader check this points:
    1. Start with Demo Account
    2. Set Goals
    3. Follow a Forex Trading Strategy
    4. Manage Risk
    5. Do Your Research
    6. Be a Patient Trader
    7. Don't Overtrade
    8. Find a Trading Style That Fits Your Personality
  3. Ary Barroso

    Ary Barroso Active Trader

    There is no specific answer, it depends on your dedication & determinations level; for me, it took almost 1 year to make my 1st profit.
  4. larry_009

    larry_009 Newbie

    Learn, Strategize and Execute! There’s a lot that needs to be done to become a good trader. Go back into your ‘school mode’ and learn the maximum about trading. Seek guidance and then start to trade. Don’t get over-excited, increase your pace gradually.
  5. Aaronpp

    Aaronpp Newbie

    There is no specific time to make big profits, it will all depend on the determination and studies you have not only of trade but also of the market in general, When you join these studies and learn to analyze the market effectively the profits will be obtained almost safely but the effort you put in will be the basis of everything you want to achieve and how far you want to go.
  6. hakuna matata

    hakuna matata Newbie

    There is no shortcut to success in trading . Patience and hard work are just ways which will make you a better trader . However there are a few things that you can do to become a good trader .

    Learn through courses on websites . You can read some good books or articles on trading .
    Always keep yourself updated on forex news , markets trends and price movements.
    Calculate your risk reward proportion . Take reasonable risks .
    Avoid over trading . After making consecutive profits ,close the trading platform.
    Build a plan for yourself . Develop mental toughness and remain disciplined.
    Manage your emotions . Decisions affected by emotions will not let you close profitable positions.
    Choose your stocks wisely . Analyse them carefully and choose liquid stocks.

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