gold technical analysis and trading signals

gold technical analysis and trading signals
Published: Wednesday, 22 November 2017 19:24
Gold prices fell rapidly and sharply with the start of trading this week,
which is considered the first wave or the first Leg
For a bearish trend or a bearish correction. Gold rose today
consider a corrective wave for the expected decline in gold prices
The technical gold analysis today indicates the possibility of a second bearish wave
Similar to the first wave that emerged with the start of trading this week
In this case, the price target for gold according to AB = CD pattern is near 1272
As the levels of 1292-1297 represent an important resistance area for gold prices
Looking at gold prices over the medium term from the beginning of last October,
we find that the sideways trend controls gold trading
And that the price of gold near the level of 1292 is near the resistance levels
of sideway trend
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gold price forecast and technical analysis summary
Gold is preferred to sell on the Gold Exchange
sell @ 1292
tp1 @ 1278
tp2 @ 1268
sl @ 1299