gold analysis and XAU USD trading signals free daily live

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    gold analysis and XAU USD trading signals free daily live
    Published: Monday, 04 December 2017 16:52
    Gold technical analysis, price forecasts and gold trading signals from Gold Pattern
    The gold trade witnessed a sharp and rapid decline with the end of trading last week
    The price of gold has reached a level of 1270
    Which was re-tested again at the beginning of this week
    Gold price bear movements and trends can be analyzed as a corrective wave
    for the past up trend
    Which was made by gold rose from the level of 1264 until it reached the level of 1297
    The price pattern can be analyzed on the current as a flat or occasional correction
    And that the price of gold over the area 1270-1264 is above
    an important support area in the near and medium term
    A summary of the daily technical gold analysis, taking into account
    the sideway -direction that controls gold trading over the medium term
    Gold Trading Strategy and Gold Price Analysis and Forecasts from Gold Pattern
    Gold is preferred to buy as long as the price of gold is above 1264

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