GBP USD FORECAST FREE and gbpusd trading signals

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    GBP USD FORECAST FREE and gbpusd trading signals
    Published: Wednesday, 20 December 2017 12:37
    The pair's GBPUSD trend is bearish in the near term as the pair is down
    From 1.3550 to 1.3300 during the last three weeks and during this deline GBPUSD broke
    the medium term uptrend line that started from the 1.3050 level

    The GBPUSD is testing the near term bearish trend line for the third time near the 1.3400
    level Which represents an opportunity and trading signals to sell the pair
    As the preferred trading strategy for the trend line as provided by the technical analysis is to follow the trend
    And selling after the success of the trend line to serve as the resistance level for the third time for the pound dollars

    The reversal candle pattern known as the shooting star pattern has appeared on the hour chart

    Forex Technical Summary and GBP / USD Forecast and Trading Recommendations
    It is preferable to sell GBP / USD as long as the GBP / USD is below 1.3470
    so Gold pattern website presents sell GBP usd trading signals immediately, free and live
    sell @ 1.3410
    tp1 @ 1.3340
    tp2 @ 1.3290
    sl @ 1.3450

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