best free forex signals today for USD JPY

best free forex signals today for USD JPY

BEST Free forex trading signals Free


sell @ 111.40

tp @ 110.70

sl @ 111.80

best free forex trading signals today Description

USD JPY is preferred to sell on FX market as long as USD JPY trades below the resistance level 111.80

as a stop loss and exit from the deal targeting the 110.70 level to take profit

Free forex trading signals analysis


USD JPY moves in down trend in medium term and in very near term USD JPY formed uptrend wave

Trend lines

USD JPY break out down trend line and start sideway trading

Chart pattern today for USD JPY best forex trading signals

USD JPY finished down ZIGZAG, Measured move pattern and formed current uptrend wave which we expect to end near 111.60 and resume down trend


the current bullish wave RETARACMENT 50 % of down trend

Important Support and resistance level today

111.50 represents resistance level on medium and long term

The Relative Strength Index (RSI)

USD JPY also give early sell trading signal when the indicator decline from level 70 on 4 hour frame

Candlestick pattern

bearish engulfing pattern appear on USD JPY price chart on 4 hour frame and one hour chart

Next wave

expectations from best forex signals refer to bearish next wave