Free Forex Robot with 40 indicators & 11 candlestick patterns built in


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Aug 3, 2010
I am sharing my free forex robot that I coded for MetaTrader 4 that has over 40 technical indicator analysis and 11 candlestick patterns built in. You can use it semi-automated for trading signal alerts or fully automated to place and manage trades. It will work on any currency pair and time frame with no limitations at all - it is free forever for your own personal use! There are other features such as trading hours, days, money management, etc. It can be customised to do anything you want it to!

I have included an optimisation guide so maybe share your best results and set files here in this thread and we can see who has the best set files for everyone to use for testing. It works on open prices only so the technical indicator analysis and price action patterns have closed bar confirmation and also means that you can optimise in "open prices only" mode in the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester which makes testing very fast!

Any feedback on my free forex robot is appreciated and I hope that you find it of good use.

The Forex Geek.