Sep 27, 2023
I've join this foundxations signal [URL deleted] provider and am here to share my personal experience with it. He shared his signal thru telegram. He has 2 channel one is the one where he share his signal and that one is call Pro+ and the other channel is where he do his marketing and to show his results and to entice people to join his 'VIP' aka 'Pro+' channel. The problem i encounter with this particular signal provider is that he will manipulate his result in the public channel. Example is that his signal has 3 tp target. He's personal strategy is that once trade is running 1:2 the member should move the SL to breakeven. But when the price hit his breakeven and continue towards the tp target he will annouced the the trade is running in profit even tho it has already hit break even and then the trade has been closed out. But when price hit the SL he will say he has been stopped out at breakeven. and also his strategy hardly is correct. The win rate is so low that there can be few weeks of straight SL. but then in his public channel he will show how much pips he has gain due to his manipulations of results. And also he will give excuse like he's moving house or his mac or pc died on him etc, giving all type of excuse you can think of. And also he give analysis chart but that is not signal but if the analysis goes accordingly he will use that as calculations of weekly pips results and if it didnt go accordingly he will keep mum about it. this is the problem i face with this Foundxations signal provider that i wish to share with people. hope it helps. Anyone has experience with this foundxations?

The attached photo is an example, just recently he's doing this. as you can see he personally say he dont trade that thru news blah blah blah. but on his public channel he's saying he's holding that thru his final target etc. he's write on is very very good but just that his signal always just hit the stops if not he will find ways in between to write in his public channel to make it seems very goodphoto_2023-09-27_13-55-40.jpgphoto_2023-09-27_13-55-36.jpg
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