DOM indicator for Metatrader 4

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Aug 27, 2019
DOM Indicator

The indicator displays the real limit orders of stock exchange players of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

Conveniently displays the information received on the Meta Trader chart.

By default, the limits from the main trading contract are displayed with the contract with the highest Open Interest, according to which the Forex price is formed.

Additional Information

· Works on TF up to H4 inclusive

· Installation is possible only on majors, metals, energy, indices ... BTC!

· The "Visualization" and other settings below are inactive

· If the data ceases to be displayed, most likely you need to download the latest version

· It is not recommended to put several indicators on one terminal

The indicator has unique functions that are not available in any other analogues:

· Unlimited depth of loading DOM

· Creation of labels, by clicking the LMB on the histogram, to track the necessary bars or virtual trade training

· Displays historical data of the DOM




Latest versions: MT4 RUS MT4 ENG MT5 RUS MT5 ENG