Does trading require experience?

Discussion in 'Newbie Questions' started by Ese11, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Darren Glenister

    Darren Glenister Newbie

    Yes, practice helps a lot in trading. As an old saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Similarly, practice on your demo trading account will help you perfect in your trading style. Let me give you a few reasons to practice trading. 1. Allows you to learn how price action develops around news announcements. 2. Allows you to understand how to uses the platform. 3. Allows you to check the trade size which can affect your overall profitability. However, there are some limitations of using practice accounts as well. 1. You won’t develop healthy fear required for successful trading 2. You may get overconfident while making profits on demo 3. You will not see how to actually act when your money is on line
  2. ema watts

    ema watts Trader

    Absolutely! One can only get better at trading with experience. It demands a lot of practice and learning. Try a demo account and gain all the knowledge. Read more about trading and analyze every aspect of market.
  3. jameswilliam

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    Trading do requires experience and for gaining that experience only way out is trading more and more. Read about the forex market, understand the concepts, practice on demo accounts or go for small real accounts. As much as you learn and practice, more experience you get and chances of getting more profitable brightens.

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