Are you struggling and losing money? Get inexpensive help from a pro


Jan 18, 2015
If you are struggling with your trades and losing money, you may not need to change everything. Just simple common mistakes that you are not seeing through the frustration. Don't buy a system or trade picks. Get better. We can help
For $25 we will review one month of your trades looking for patterns of mistakes , excessive trading and other bad habits you may not notice. Stop issues? You might be missing a structural issue in your plan. We also offer a years review for $99. With either plan you will receive a clear and concise report that details issues we see in your trading. The review is done by a twenty year market professional. An inexpensive way to get a pro view and get on track
Send an email to stating the plan you want. We will send you a PayPal invoice and instructions on emailing your trade blotter(or downloaded file) for review.
Review by Bob Tompkins and staff , former contributor. Market pro since 1995. President of Trader's Bay Partners. Safe and confidential.
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Dwight Dickham

Master Trader
Oct 29, 2014
I really don’t know what to say about this since I have tried so many stuff claiming this kind of benefit but mostly end up just empty my pockets so that’s why I think twice before ever taking this type of offer and especially when the money is ask I am extra careful with my selection.

I prefer to take a free training test with demo contest, it’s provided by highly reputed company OctaFX, they have terrific cTrader demo contest which is a weekly contest and allow me to win up to 150 USD prize and not just the prize but main thing is knowledge that I gain for free and that is what I consider really priceless to have.