Aman Managed Forex Accounts


Nov 15, 2011
Aman Managed Forex Accounts

Our Mission
Our staff is comprised of a team of financial professionals who we dedicated. We believe that we and our clients are in the same boat, so the relation is built on trust. We utilize the latest available technology in both hardware and software to deliver what we believe. Finally, Aman FX requires all clients a limited power of attorney. It is a policy of Aman FX to use a third party broker for client deposit.

About Us
Simply, we manage Forex accounts by using some of practical and pre-studied strategies for our clients. We can’t deposit or withdrawal money, we just manage the account, so the relation is built on trust. We make sure that the loss will not be over 20 % of the capital. Our company has several offices in the world.

Trading Strategy
1- Managed Forex Account Strategy
2- Managing Risk
3- Managing your money by managing your risk
4- Trading Psychology
 Note: for more information about these strategies visit our website

Account Programs
1- Normal Managed Account
2- Silver Managed Account
3- Golden Managed Account
4- Platinum Managed Account

• A Managed Forex Account with Integrity and, Stability; Your Search Has Ended
• Capital Preservation is number one
• We risk a low percentage on any given day
• We only trade currency.
• We average just 3 trades
• We do not carry overnight trades, by 12 NOON EST, (16:00GMT) each day you know exactly where you stand, your account is liquid each day
• We trade primarily during the European and US Sessions when the currency market is most liquid
• We close our trades each day; thus avoiding price shocks, global altercations, and systemic risks
• Our accounts are not charged overnight interest, so they are also Sharia Compliant
• Do Not Wake Up and Find Out You Lost 20 or 30% or More
• We send you a guarantee signature that your capital will never down more than 20-30%. And we send you agreement to sign it.
Managing Risk; we believe this is number one and it is a key to our strategy. Capital Preservation is number one. Also we believe that we are on the same boat.
 Note that you owned your account ®and if at any time you feel concerned that your account is not well managed you can call the shot at any given time within 24hrs. Also I will stop trading the account immediately if my loss falls to 2/10th of your initial opening account balance.

 Note: for more information about these strategies visit our website
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