1. Z

    Hong Kong Stocks Rebound on China's Pledge, European Markets Cautious Amid Economic Data and Earnings

    On Tuesday, Hong Kong stocks experienced a strong rebound, with the Hang Seng index surging over 3%. This surge was triggered by China's Politburo, which pledged to promptly "adjust and optimize policies" to address issues in its struggling property sector. Additionally, Beijing's top...
  2. th-rich

    [Stocks] Low Float, News/Social Sentiment, Meme Stocks Momentum Journal

    Yes, stocks, I know. I'll be working on a similar system that is strictly for forex soon. But just want to keep track of these alerts, and have something to compare when I add forex to it. This system detects low float momentum, news & social sentiment, and meme stocks movement. I won't release...
  3. Dora_WalletInvestor

    The Most Promising Stocks for September 2021

    August was another good month for the stock market as the major averages all finished higher for the month. The S&P 500 rose 2.9% for the month, posting its best winning streak since 2017. The Nasdaq Composite gained about 4% for its third positive month and while the Dow lagged, it still added...
  4. Dora_WalletInvestor

    The Most Promising Stocks for July 2021 according to

    June was a wobbling month in the stock market. Stocks went up and down, but most of them closed the month in the green range. To help you with your investment decisions, we will try to find the best stocks for July based on fundamental analysis. As a quick recap of June, S&P 500 rose by 1.1%...
  5. Dora_WalletInvestor

    The Most Promising Stocks for June 2021

    Thanks to the rising inflation risks, investors were rotating their portfolios for the last few months, which means it is getting extremely difficult to choose the right stocks. To help you safeguard your investments, we will try to show you the best stocks to buy in June, 2021. As a quick...
  6. Dora_WalletInvestor

    The Most Promising Stocks for May according to

    April was an eventful month. We had several earnings reports released, saw new all-time highs, and finally, we heard President Joe Biden’s tax proposals of increasing up to 43.6%. These were the main factors that have affected the prices the month, but some of them were just probably overreacted...
  7. Dora_WalletInvestor

    The Most Promising Stocks For April according to

    Many of the indexes hit record highs and ETFs were way up in March, as optimism about the economy is awakening. The stimulus money starts flowing, GDP reports look good, earnings start rising and stock prices rise. Simple math. Investors’ fears do not seem to be rational based on numbers...
  8. OpTelic

    THE HITMAN - Advanced Market Momentum Finder The Hitman indicator is a tool to detect momentum swings in the market. Its intention is to identify good entry and exit points and alert you to have a closer look at the charts. It can be used on any chart, timeframe or market. This script is meant to build your alerts...
  9. Mark NordFX

    New Year's Eve Surprise Gift from NordFX

    December is the month of summing up the results of the year. But before doing so, NordFX decides to give its clients a New Year's surprise gift by expanding the range of trading instruments and introducing a new Stocks account designed for CFD trading with the shares of the world's largest...
  10. SymphonyTrading

    Share you ideas, picks and analysis... for everyone

    I really like the category of Commodities, Stocks, and Indices but I couldn't find too many threads to stick my 2 cents worth so, I started this for anyone and everyone who also may want to stick their 2 cents worth in. I'll start with a stock TWTR. Twitter is not having a good day today...
  11. L

    Can someone explain to me DOW futures & their correlation to the DOW?

    Good afternoon. I have two questions that I hope somebody here can help me out with... Are DOW futures the only pre/post market indicators to the next day's prospective performance? Is it a reliable analysis to use for that? If the futures appear to be positive, would a day/swing traders...
  12. L

    How does VIX index influences forex and USA stock market

    I have red that VIX index is the volatility index. My question would be: How does it influence the forex and the stoks market? In those days interest rates have been rised, but the market has reacted not so bad in the end, well how did perform the VIX about this...
  13. Elliottwave-Forecast

    Elliott Wave Analysis by EWF

    AUDCAD Elliottwave Intraday View Short term #Elliottwave structure of AUDCAD from 3/1 peak (1.025) looks to be showing an impulse structure with a nice 5 waves subdivision where Minuette wave (i) ended at 1.0198, Minuette wave (ii) ended at 1.0235, Minuette wave (iii) ended at 1.0115, Minuette...
  14. FXTrader29

    A Simple Stock Buying Strategy Being Used By Warren Buffet

    This is a simple stock buying strategy that is regularly being used by Warren Buffet to buy stocks at much lower price than the market. You can read this post in which we explain this simple stock buying strategy and how it can help you get paid for buying your favorite stocks.
  15. Thomas Berks

    What big professionals usually hide and will never say to you or Holy Grail approach.

    Introduction: Hello world, ohh sorry! Hello dear colleague’s traders and I hope my future friends. Let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Berks. I am 32 years old, and I have been in trading and investing already more than 12 years. I began my career at Morgan Stanley bank, as an assistant...
  16. tobeone


  17. jadepca

    My Technicals Analysis

    I want to share all my technical analysis with all of you and I really appreciate all your comments and opinions, thanks in advance. Link to my blogs: Click HERE
  18. jadepca

    Do you have a real forex skills? This opportunity is for you

    Show your skills as trader and open your financial business. Start today and grow to become one of eToro’s Elite Popular Investors. Just give us a chance to know how good are you and you can win a lot. Start NOW
  19. R

    Lower oil prices still good for stocks?… (Video)

    Independent investment consultant David Darst, looks at how declining oil prices impact the market. Jon Steinberg weighs in on e-commerce traffic… Video link to the topic (detalis) >>>
  20. R

    Commodities are falling but where’s the floor?… (Video)

    Commodity prices have fallen sharply in the second half of 2014, down nearly 15 percent since late June, according to Bloomberg. Crude oil prices continue to fall and the prices of metals like copper, platinum and silver are also down considerably since the summer… More details of topic...