risk management

  1. The excel forex trader


    A must read advice to forex traders While would you want to be loosing your positions? . When other fellow traders are raking money daily, by developing a Benefiting character that is proven to work For their trading success. . In other for you to be a profitable forex trader...
  2. A

    Risk Management checker EA

    Hi, I post here a small EA I made for my own use but that I think can have use for other traders. This EA is meant to remind you and help you keep your risk limits as well of stay outside of certain market conditions (News, weekends) Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Also if anyone...
  3. A

    Trading with Atlantis Capital Group

    In this discussion, we will regularly write our views on currency pairs, stock indices or even commodities. Check it out and give us your opinion too. We are very passionate about markets, so there will be a lot to talk about!
  4. A

    easyMarkets dealCancellation

    Hi, I'm Abram and I'm new to trading in general! I came across dealCancellation tool by easyMarkets, which lets you undo a losing trade after opening it! Has anybody used this tool before? I'd like your advice before I start trading with it. Thank you.
  5. dwaynebuzzell

    How the trade the higher time frame in the forex market

    There are many different ways of trading the financial instrument in the world. Most of the novice traders start trading the live assets without knowing the market dynamics and thus they lose money. If you look at the professional traders in the forex trading community then you will be surprised...
  6. maximusc

    Trade Safe with Conviction and Win or Gain Profit Consistently 70% Win Ratio

    Cross Foreign Intermarket is a method of determining price discovery in Forex Market in order to obtain high probability execution. This will lead to a conviction why the execution is being made which results in gaining profit in Forex Market trading. Since, as we all know that the reason why...
  7. R

    Hedging strategy for EU Referendum trade?

    I have been reading a little about hedging strategies. One that seems to have received some criticism is the “buy/sell” strategy of going short on the same pair you are going long on (or vice versa). I realise you would be paying double on the spread if you do this, but might it work as a...
  8. F

    Forex and the milk money

    Far too many new traders put too much capital at risk before they have any idea what they are doing. Trading the milk money. Read about it here https://fxblend.wordpress.com/ While your there see how you can get your trading reviewed and tips for doing better from market professionals.
  9. F

    free blog from pro trader

    Free blog. Today's post on risk management for forex using binary options.https://fxblend.wordpress.com/ Twenty years as a market professional.
  10. N

    If Your'e Not In, You Can't Win

    If we compare trading with other traditional businesses, actually there is not much difference between them. If I want to sell a potato (just the one, I'm in the middle of a binary mash-up here), I have to buy said spud (with, like, a currency) at a cheaper price, and then sell my tuber at a...