money management

  1. JaytheSpade

    Earn Forex Risk of Ruin Formula

    Hi everyone, There's a really good article on this site that explains different Risk of Ruin (ROR) calculations ( The last one mentioned in the article is meant to calculate the ROR for a strategy that consists of different win/loss...
  2. Enivid

    How Much Would You Pay Successful Trader for Managing Your Account?

    This is a repost of our blog poll about fair money management fee in Forex. Today, I would like to talk about a topic, which is of particular interest to many potential investors and account managers — what is the fair value for managing someone else’s funds in Forex? PAMM accounts are...
  3. oshaban

    No Sleep EA With no restrictions ...

    Please find the "No Sleep EA" without any restrictions. It is coded by me ... It can work on any demo or live account for unlimited period of time. It also can be back-tested, even I'm not back test believer. Forward test is the best of course. I made 20% in 15 days with only 6.5% DD on...
  4. Dylan.vts

    Free Training Trade Like a professional making over 20% a month.

  5. E

    What MM software do you use for your FX MM needs?

    There is Market System Analyzer from adaptrade but it is buggy laggy and weak.. not for FX
  6. xProphet

    Critique My Trading Plan

    Do you think this trading plan is achievable, overly ambitious.. or see any problems with my plan in general? (Who better then a room full of traders to critique a trading plan?) I think I've covered all my bases.. I genuinely appreciate any comments. I'm intentionally placing my plan...