1. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 712

    MetaQuotes has recently updated its MetaTrader 5 client terminal to build 712. Only a week after its previous release (build 705), the company is working hard to improve its new Signals service, which is now built into MT5. The following changes were implemented for the latest version: Signals...
  2. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 705

    A new version of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal has been released yesterday and is now available for download via their automatic update system. The latest build's number is 705 and it is mainly a bug-fix release. Nevertheless it adds one very nice feature to your MetaTrader - MQL5.Signals...
  3. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 438

    MetaQuotes has released a new update for its MetaTrader 4 platform - Build 438. The main purpose is to fix the bugs in Terminal and MetaEditor. It also optimizes the optimization process by improving the caching in the Strategy Tester. You can quickly auto-update your MT4 simply by running it...
  4. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 695

    Some exciting new changes are now available for your MetaTrader 5 platform as MetaQuotes releases its Build 695 version of it. Quick position close buttons are now available in the Trade interface. One-click closing is now possible if one-click trading is enabled in the options. MQL5...
  5. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 687

    MetaQuotes has just released Build 687 of its MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal. It can be accessed via auto-update system of your platform. It does not add any new features to the platform but rather fixes some bugs and crashes added during the previous update (Build 684). You can see the full...
  6. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 684

    MetaQuotes has updated the MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal to Build 684 today and you can already run your MT5 to get the auto-update installed. Apart from numerous bug-fixes (important and not), there were following nice updates: DLLs created using .NET can now be used within .ex5 files...
  7. Enivid

    Automated Trading Championship 2012

    Automated Trading Championship 2012 from MetaQuotes is soon to begin with less than two months left before the end of registration period. Currently, 1539 participants have registered for this contest. Are you going to take part in this year's expert advisors championship?
  8. Enivid

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 674

    MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal Build 674 has been released today and is available through your platform's auto-update feature. The most important changes are the following: An option for automatic posting of screenshot to when saving it. OnTradeTransaction program entry point to...
  9. Enivid

    MetaTrader 4 - Latest Build

    The latest version of MetaTrader 4 as of June 17, 2012, is build 432. Please make sure that your platform is up to date. MetaQuotes and all Forex brokers have ceased the support of MT4 terminals with build version below 419. You can download the latest version of MetaTrader 4 from...
  10. Enivid

    MetaQuotes Hates Developers

    Maybe "hatred" is a too strong word here, but the updates of the MQL5 language that they are releasing with new MetaTrader 5 builds is messing up with the code quite frequently. In the latest build (408) they made the following change: That means that your indicators that use various...