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  1. fxroboreview

    Features of MT5 Fx Robot

    MT5 FX Robot is an extremely powerful forex robot someone called Mark Hamilton. This robot is accurate at predicting price movement. This robot’s development team also claim that “MT5 Fx Robot knows the future. “They also claim that it doesn’t matter if your beginner advanced in forex. You can...
  2. forexawya

    Hello Awesome Forex Traders!

    Hello evey one here, I'm so hapy to be a member of this great forex family and looking forward to become more benifical for this forum... Hapy trading
  3. A

    Do you like Scalper strategy?

    I've been trying to master scalping because I think I can control risk better with this strategy. I've been running 3 Scalper accounts at Yadix, one manually and two accounts with EAs. The Yadix Scalper account gives me flexibility to trade Gold, Silver, Indices and Oil with 1:500 (FX...
  4. FXTrader29

    Forex Multi Robot Made 1012 Pips In 4 Weeks!

    Forex Multi Robot made 1012 pips in 4 weeks of testing by Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group team. Forex Multi Robot made a total of 96 trades. The winrate was above 81%. It has a built in system of 4 algorithms that decide when to trade and when not to trade and which strategy to use...
  5. FXTrader29

    Crisis Killer Forex Robot Doubled 100,000 EUR in 3 Months!

    Crisis Killer Forex Robot has been developed by a young Austrian programmer Thomas Losch. Crisis Killer Forex Robot doubled a deposit of 100,000 EUR in around 3 months. Thomas Losch has posted video proof of him depositing through wire transfer an amount of 100,000 EUR to his broker My FX Choice...
  6. D

    A new EA review system with backtests and myfxbook live performances

    A new EA review system with backtests and myfxbook live performances A new review and rating system for Forex robots, every reviewed robot has a separate page that contains a brief description, strategy analysis, official website rating, myfxbook verified live performance forward tests, a lot...
  7. J

    The BEST Expert Advisor on the market, WallStreet Expert Advisor

    Hello guys, A friend of mine has recommended this Expert Advisor to me some time ago, there I was not so interested in it, I have tried many free ideas and EAs trying to put my hand on the most beneficial and profitable strategy - a lot of work - I was not excited by any of these...
  8. FXTrader29

    FX Flash Robot Trades In The Direction Of The Trend With A Very Low Risk!

    FX Flash is a new forex robot that has been developed by the Forex Overdrive team. FX Flash has been built to trade in the direction of the trend using proven market fundamentals. The indicators used in FX Flash are the moving averages, Stochastic Oscillator, CCI Oscillator and the ATR. Moving...
  9. H

    Forex Striker Robot LIVE. Every trader you need to notice this!

    Forex Striker is a brand new and unique technology has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.. A Technology so powerful that it generates 9214% on your deposit every single year! Yes this means $ 500 turn into over $46,000 . And This is NOT a backtest but...
  10. P

    Forex Robots The Best In the Markets

    There are Currently 3 top Forex Robots hats are working and People are Really happy with it . A good Feedback is recorded from Fapturbo: Fapturbo Why FapTurbo? Because it is on the top . Extremely good feedback and People are Claiming that it Really works very good. A really good Income...
  11. J

    Forex Robots That really make profits

    There are 100s of forex robots out there but to focus on robots that really make profits you need to have some one who tested those robots. Here is an expert on foprex trading who is sharing his opinion about the best forex robots on the market...
  12. F

    [FX Forex Robot] That *Quadruples* Your Deposit - A New Technology

    It's official... the boundaries of Forex Artificial Intelligence robot trading has been pushed forward. John Grace and Albert Perrie have produced the unthinkable: a Forex robot that sees into the immediate future (2-4 hours) with 95.82% Accuracy. And if you want to know what that means...
  13. T

    Automated Forex Robots

    I started a new strategy at the beginning of the year using automated forex robots. I really like the idea of being able to trade regardless of where I am or what I am doing. I do not like being tied to the computer 24/7, watching charts all day, so... I invested in a couple of forex robots to...