FX Flash Robot Trades In The Direction Of The Trend With A Very Low Risk!


Master Trader
Dec 22, 2012
FX Flash is a new forex robot that has been developed by the Forex Overdrive team. FX Flash has been built to trade in the direction of the trend using proven market fundamentals. The indicators used in FX Flash are the moving averages, Stochastic Oscillator, CCI Oscillator and the ATR. Moving averages are used to measure the momentum of the trend while the ATR is used to determine the trend strength. Both the Stochastic and the CCI Oscillators are used to identify the overbought and the oversold conditions. Below is a screenshot of the FX Flash live trading account statement!


FX Flash comes with full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. Anyone interested should take a detailed look at the back testing report and the live trading statement posted on the third party verified site.