1. Daniel LQDFX

    (24th - 28th July 2023) Weekly News Update by LQDFX

    Dear readers, We are delighted to announce that we are going to be doing forum posts dedicated to financial news. You'll now be able to follow significant market indicators like CPI, PMI, and other related financial information, all in the familiar, interactive format of forum discussions. Our...
  2. Munfinance Forex

    Why do people choose munfinance brokers to trade forex?

    About Munfinance Munfinance, is a foreign exchange broker that provides financial and digital currency markets. Besides forex and cryptocurrency, investors can also trade metals, natural gas, and more. Community trading system Create an integrated saas trading front desk for retail users that...
  3. strauss

    Forex analysis by Followme socialtrading

    #analysis #forex #followme #socialtrading The #GBPUSD pair pullback to 1.2240 while heading into the London open on Thursday. Now it is trading at 1.2217. #GBP recently surged as the UK lawmakers voted to avoid #NoDeal #Brexit and also turning the down the #PM #BorisJohnson’s proposed snap...
  4. K

    Project of crypto broker

    Hello, I’m looking for partners to create a crypto broker, we’re short of partners who are very eager to work, help us run the whole project as soon as possible we just need people with knowledge in crypto coins, programming or contacts. If you are interested and need more information contact...
  5. FXTrader29

    Behavior Finance For Traders And Investors Course

    Standard finance cannot explain market behavior. Standard finance stipulates that markets are efficient and we cannot predict the future price from the past price. But we know technical analysis works. Price is not a random walk. Behavior Finance is a new subject that explains most of the facts...
  6. R

    Commodities are falling but where’s the floor?… (Video)

    Commodity prices have fallen sharply in the second half of 2014, down nearly 15 percent since late June, according to Bloomberg. Crude oil prices continue to fall and the prices of metals like copper, platinum and silver are also down considerably since the summer… More details of topic...
  7. R

    Regulators settle with 5 banks on forex probe… (Video)

    Major financial institutions have reached an agreement over alleged wrongdoing in the foreign exchange markets... More details (Video) >>>