1. AlexTop

    Binary Trader Pro

    Binary Trader Pro – Learn how to pull in $200-800 WITHOUT trading Forex! The full review of Binary Trader Pro coming soon. You can find out more about Binary Trader Pro by visiting website. Visit Website Now!
  2. VIP-EANeuro

    VIP-EA Super Neuro. Gain more 10 000%

    Hello My name is Roman Fedorov, I am a trader and programmer. My experience in the forex market - very big. I started to learn the forex market since 1999. I lost a lot of money from their mistakes, learned a lot of trading systems, i created the system based on other systems. I did...
  3. Enivid

    Position Size Calculator

    Discuss Position Size Calculator indicator (automated Forex calculator of the position size for MetaTrader) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here. Update 2019-03-19: And here is the tutorial video for those struggling to install PSC in their MetaTrader platform...
  4. K

    Fap Turbo - Forex Auto Pilot Turbo --only 25$

    FAPTURBO IS A COMBINATION OF 2 STRATEGIES: • Short Term Scalping Strategy • Long Term Advanced FAP strategy Both strategies are built inside one FAPTURBO expert advisor and can be switched on and off using UseScalperStrategy parameter in FAPTURBO settings. Each strategy uses its own designed...
  5. F

    Download FREE Forex Products

    Hi Traders, I found a site today offering Free Forex downloads. You can check it out here: I download the Ultimate Pro Trader indicator. This comes as part of the Forex Invincble signals software - has anybody used that and if so what were the results like...
  6. C


    This Ea operate the best setting on a Daily timeframe long&short
  7. D

    OpenEA - Open Expert Advisor

    OpenEA - is a open source forex robot project. We developed EAs, Scripts, Indicators and templates to help you make some pips. Looking for volunteers to help us in this project. Want to create a package of excellent open source EAs. Volunteers can help create the code, translating the...
  8. H

    Swap indicator

    Hello, I look for a simple MT4 indicator that shows the swap for long and short trades of the chosen pair. Can anybody help me? Have a good week! hugo
  9. M

    Overlay Chart

    For those who want to find correlation between markets this indicator might help...
  10. M


    This indicator is Oscilator type indicator...I have it all the time on chart. There are two files needed for MT4 in Experts=>indicators folder...Only MA_of_RSX with alert goes to the chart...(for clarity, bulish-bearish colors I set to none). I need MT5 version, please. Thank you
  11. Enivid

    Best Indicator

    For me, the best MetaTrader indicator I've ever tried was Average True Range (ATR) - a standard indicator for displaying the average trading range for the given period. Although, it can't be used for Forex trading signals, it's a perfect thing for position sizing and stop-loss calculation...
  12. Enivid

    Candle Wicks Length Display

    Discuss Candle Wicks Length Display indicator (displays lengths of candlestick wicks directly on the chart if they exceed a given limit) for MT4 and MT5 in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.
  13. peter

    Fibonaci indicator

    Hello! There are fibonachi indicator :D
  14. M

    MTF Momentum Indicator

    Momentum indicator, multi-timeframe version, for MetaTrader 4. Download it here Download MTF Momentum Indicator Here Good Trading!
  15. Enivid

    Traders Dynamic Index

    Discuss Traders Dynamic Index indicator (trend direction, strength and volatility) in this thread. You can ask any questions about this indicator here.